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5 best practices to sanitize your building


5 best practices to sanitize your building

COVID-19 has impacted the world countries so much so that public life is never going to be the same. So, wearing face masks, following social distancing and hand sanitizing has become the mantra towards healthy living. People choose places based on its sanitization. People prefer going to sanitized office, shopping mall or any institution for that matter.

So for your post COVID-19 business to flourish you need to take extra care of your customers. Provide them a safe haven that is clean and sanitized. So, this article discusses the 5 best practices you can follow to achieve this.

Identify the high-touch areas

Be it an office, mall or an apartment building first and foremost identify the high-touch surfaces. They are predominantly hotspots for germs. “High-Touch areas” define the spots that are touched almost by everyone entering the building. Also, identifying and sanitizing these areas ensure there is no cross contamination that leads to rampant spread of diseases. So, here is an exhaustive list of high-touch surfaces in a building

Door handles

Elevator buttons



Light switches

Staircase Railings

Reception lounge




TV remotes

Coffee machines

Water cooler handles

Computer mice



Sanitize high-touch surfaces regularly

There is a lot of difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning only removes the dirt and stain from the surfaces. But, sanitizing wipes off germs, virus and bacteria from surfaces. So ensure that you periodically sanitize the high-touch surfaces as mentioned.

You can simply spray Smartsan surface sanitizers over the surfaces and it works its magic within 15-20 seconds. So, it leaves the surface clean and germ-free within a matter of seconds. Also, maintaining a schedule sheet helps in keeping a routine. It boosts the confidence of the visitors who enter your building. Seeing the schedule sheet gives them confidence that they are entering a safe place.

Encouraging efficient hand hygiene practices amongst employees and visitors

Hand hygiene goes a long way in keeping you healthy. So, this not only safeguards you but also others who are at higher risk of contracting illness from you. So, it is important to instruct your employees to follow a hand hygiene routine. Contaminated hands cause over 90% of flu and other communicable illnesses. The stats show that you need to be responsible toward complying to hand hygiene.

Smartsan Hand Sanitizer has IPA formulation. So, it is efficient in killing 99.9%* germs. It is available in gel forms, sprays, wipes, sachets and foam sprays.

A Strong cleaning schedule = Safe environment

Hygiene is also an important department that requires special attention. A systematically planned schedule is important for seamless execution. So, appoint a supervisor to ensure daily cleaning and sanitizing schedules for the day. Smartsan surface sanitizers are efficient in keeping the surfaces around you clean and germ-free. Surface sanitizer has IPA formulation. So it is efficient in killing 99.9%* of germs.

It works well against pathogens that cause cold, viruses and bacteria. So, this protects your employees from rapid spread of infections. Studies suggest that regular sanitization reduces absenteeism in institutions and increased productivity.

Train your staff in advance to work in a pandemic

The COVID-19 took most of the business by shock. Also, the chaos was too much even for governments to handle. Hence it is wise to keep your employees trained on unexpected epidemics and pandemics in the future. So, elevate your sanitization schedules during crises. Also, train your employees on the use of PPEs, hand hygiene and surface sanitization.

The above mentioned practices are to follow throughout the year. So, this helps in recovering your business as quickly as possible and responding well.

Frequently asked questions

Can surface sanitizer be diluted in water?

No. Surface sanitizers should not be diluted with water. Dilution disrupts the surface sanitizer’s formulation and hinders its efficiency.

How should it be applied on surfaces?

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer is available in sprays and wipes that can be simply wiped off on surfaces.

Can it be used on all surfaces?

Smartsan surface sanitizers is suited for all surfaces including porous and non-porous surfaces.

How much percentage of alcohol is required for efficient sanitization?

More than 60% of alcohol concentration is required for efficient sanitization. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer offers IPA based protection to cover that.

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