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5 reason why you should use a toilet seat sanitizer

5 reason why you should use a toilet seat sanitizer-smartsan-blog.

5 reason why you should use a toilet seat sanitizer

There is always a sense of disgust at the sound of public toilets. This is especially because the majority of public toilets are poorly maintained or you quite clearly remember the last time you had nasty UTI. We always take several steps to maintain our hygiene while we are out. One of the widely known but seldom used hygiene product is a toilet seat sanitizer. Smartsan Toilet seat sanitizers are made pocket-friendly to ensure that you easily carry around wherever you go to keep you safe.

Though the benefits of using a toilet seat sanitizers are a lot, we have listed the top 5 reasons why you need to buy yourself toilet seat sanitizer without any further ado!

Remove disease-causing germs

Bacteria and virus lurk in the commonly used spaces and the toilet seats in a public toilet are no exception. The routine cleaning done even twice a day cannot ensure the cleanliness and germ-free surfaces in a public bathroom cubicle. Just so that you are sure that the toilet is not laced with germs you must spray the toilet seat sanitizers. They can effectively kill germs almost instantly.

Get rid of the odour

The odours in the public toilet are repulsive but in a situation where you could not avoid using one, the Smartsan toilet seat sanitizers come as a saviour! The spray not only kills germs but also the mild fragrance eliminates the odours and makes it much better for use.


Smartsan toilet seat sanitizer sprays and wipes are pocket friendly and can easily fit in your purse. Make it a point that you list it in your everyday essentials and ensure you have one your purse before you head out. Sturdy packaging and desirable size ensure that is it easy to carry around and effective to use.

Keep UTI at bay

UTI can be very painful. The germs that cause UTI are commonly found in unhygienic places. the unclean public restroom is one of the places that increase your risk of acquiring a UTI infection. The use of Smartsan Toilet seat sanitizer ensures that the toilet seat is clean and germ-free for your safe usage.

Effective within 5 seconds of application

You only need to spray or wipe the Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizer on the surface. It starts acting within 5 seconds killing off 99.9% of the disease-causing germs that are lurking in the public restroom cubicle. It also immediately clears off the odour that ensures that you do not have to hold your breath throughout the time that you are inside! The Smartsan Toilet Seat Spray sanitizers also act as an emergency sanitizer on things like faucets, doorknobs. These areas in the bathroom that also laced with deadly viruses and bacteria.

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizers

The toilet seat sanitizer is an effective way to allow you to use public toilets safely. Smartsan toilet seat sanitizer and spray instantly kill 99.9% of germs. Once dry you can safely use the toilet without the fear of germs. Most of the toilet Seat Sanitizers available today are alcohol-based. But this could result in irritation and rashes in sensitive skin and intimate parts. So Smartsan offers non-alcohol based Toilet Seat Sanitizer products with moisturizer. This assures the comfort and wellness of the skin on intimate parts.

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizers is powered with Benzalkonium Chloride. This is quaternary ammonium with disinfecting and antiseptic properties. So, the best way to adapt is to clean the toilet seats with a proper sanitizer. Following the usage of the toilet, ensure that you sanitize your hands soon after.

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizer kills 99.99%* germs leaving the toilet safe to use. It is an alcohol-free formula and is safe on skin. It causes no rash or irritation. When applied the spray can remove stains. The spray bottles are leak-free and travel friendly. It comes in 50ml and 100ml bottles. It is also available as wipes. The wipes come as a non-woven fabric that is conveniently folded for easy usage. The toilet seat sanitizer works instantly and dries quickly.

Frequently asked questions

How does a toilet seat sanitizer work?

The toilet seat sanitizer when sprayed kills the microbes and bacteria that are on the seats. This prevents transmitting infections when you use a dirty toilet.

How should it be used?

When you enter a cubicle spray the toilet seat sanitizer and wait for 15-20 seconds. Once it dries off, use the toilet and flush using tissues to avoid contracting germs from the faucets. Also, use a tissue to open and close the door to the toilet.

Does it affect your skin?

Smartsan toilet seat sanitizers are extremely gentle on your skin and do not cause rashes. They are tough against germs and protective in your skin

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