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IPA Vs Ethanol Hand Sanitizers


IPA Vs Ethanol Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol has proven in various researches that it can kill up to 97% of germs when used as a Hand Sanitizer. So most of the Hand Sanitizers available in the market today are alcohol based only. Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers helps in staying safe from the dreadful coronavirus that has taken the whole world. WHO itself promotes the usage of Alcohol based Sanitizers as a safety measure against the COVID-19.

Today Hand Sanitizers are available in several varieties, quantities and forms. It includes Hand Sanitizer pouches, Hand Sanitizer bottles, Hand Sanitizer Pouches. The various forms of Hand Sanitizers are hand rub, antibacterial hand gel, Sanitizer hand wash, hand cleanser, antiseptic hand gel, foam spray hand sanitizer, etc. These days Hand Sanitizers have become one of the most essential commodities. Manufacturers have made it available on different forms and quantities to suit 

Types of Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol based Sanitizers are formulated with Isopropanol, Ethanol or N-propanol. It contains alcohol percentage from 60% to 90%. The World Health Organization recommends Isopropanol usage to be 70%. For Ethanol it recommends 80% usage to be effective in killing the germs and microbes. These are harmful to us and also lead to the spreading of epidemics such as the coronavirus. One more factor to essentially be considered is that the more the usage of Alcohol is the more effect it has on the skin exposed. 

Why prefer IPA based Sanitizers than ethanol based?

  • IPA is a rubbing alcohol. It disinfects when rubbed against skin.
  • Ethanol evaporates quickly which makes it ineffective on pores. IPA which works better on cleansing the pores
  • Ethanol causes moderate to High dryness on applied skin compared to IPA which causes mild to moderate skin dryness
  • The above reason for fast evaporation makes it critical for ethanol-based hand sanitizers. Placing in optimal room temperature avoids evaporation and reaction with the packaging material such as plastic and poly packs
  • IPA based hand sanitizers have higher longevity than ethanol even in humid conditions
  • It does not dehydrate living tissue so in most of the cases it’s not allergic to human skin
  • The IPA is used as antiseptic in hospitals
  • Generally, IPA based hand sanitizers are lesser sensitive to fire hazards compared to Ethanol based ones
  • Finally, IPA based hand sanitizers are more preferable than its ethanol based competitors. In household usage, make sure you store them beyond the reach of kids. Store it in a proper clean storage place.

SMARTSAN Hand Sanitizer

SMARTSAN cares for the well being of you and your loved ones. All our Hand Sanitizers use Isopropanol alcohol or IPA. We also ensure that the packaging material does not react till the stipulated period mentioned in the package. Smartsan also follows hygienic manufacturing and packaging environment and infrastructure. We disinfect our machineries and staff daily. This ensures the maximum possible Hygiene standards.

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