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Children using hand sanitizers have fewer respiratory infections – A study


Children using hand sanitizers have fewer respiratory infections – A study

There is a constant debate about whether hand sanitizing is better than hand washing. Studies have shown that frequent use of hand sanitizer instead of soap and water may lead to fewer respiratory infections. A Spanish study with 911 children with ages from new-born to three years in day care conducted an analysis on using hand sanitizers.

This control group study made parents and caregivers offer continued hand care in children. Amongst the two groups one used hand sanitizers while the others continued using soap and water. One group of children used hand sanitizer. The caretakers and parents guided them on using hand sanitizers. Another group of children used soap and water.  They cleaned their hands when they came to class in the morning, before and after lunch, after play-time, after coughing, sneezing, blowing nose and also after trip to washroom and diapering. Finally they repeated it before they went home. When hands were visibly soiled after playtime both the groups used soap and water.

Inferences from the study

The study revealed that children who used hand sanitizers had fewer respiratory infections. This was in comparison to the group that used soap and water. The children who used hand sanitizers missed lesser days of school and fell ill less frequently. Antibiotics were mostly not prescribed to kids using hand sanitizers. There was a clear demarcation that the children who had sanitizers had significantly better health than the ones that use soap and water.

The parents and day-care providers used 1660 litres of hand sanitizer in the course of eight months of study. On average each child used hand sanitizer at least 6-8 times a day as per estimate.

Smartsan Hand Sanitizers

Smartsan Hand sanitizers are specially formulated with IPA that is efficient against germs and kills 99.9%* of virus and bacteria. Our sanitizers come in handy packaging to use as per requirements. Smartsan hand sanitizers come as gels, wipes, sachets, spray and hand rubs to use as the situation demands. The pocket-friendly sachets are a hand hygiene revolution as it is easy to carry and use when necessary. There is no extra fittings to carry around as these sachets fit comfortably in your wallets.

The Smartsan Hand Sanitizers are tough on germs and extremely softy on your hands. You need not worry about dry hands anymore. The Smartsan hand sanitizers have moisturizers that prevent dryness. It safeguards your skin. The best suited sanitizer for using in children are bio hand sanitizers which are alcohol-free.

How to use Smartsan Hand Sanitizer

Smartsan hand sanitizers kills viruses efficiently. But effective usage is the key to keep your hands clean, soft and germ free. Take a coin sized quantity of the hand sanitizer. It has to completely cover the hands front and back including between fingers and fingertips. Rub effectively until the sanitizers evaporate completely. Make sure to use hand sanitizers after touching surfaces in public. This includes public transport, restrooms, office desks, elevator buttons, cafeterias etc.,

Final thoughts from the study

Spanish study indicates the usage of hand sanitizers used in toddlers is associated with lower rates of respiratory infections. It is when compared to hand washing with soap and water alone. Hence Hand sanitizers are incredibly useful resource for hand hygiene. Especially in situation where access to soap and water are minimal. 

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