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Dirty toilets – what do they do to your health?


Dirty toilets – what do they do to your health?

Everyone, especially women at least once in their life would have squirmed while entering a public restroom. The public restrooms are almost always synonymous to reeking, visibly dirty ones. Some well-maintained ones in places like malls and multiplexes may be visibly clean. They have dedicated people to handle the cleanliness and hygiene. Still these toilet seats might harbour plenty of germs as it is used by multiple people continuously.

Urinary Tract infections caused by dirty toilets

Almost 25% women experience recurring Urinary tract infections caused by bacteria. They may contract it through various means and using an unclean toilet is definitely one of them.

Studies by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases have shown that 50-60% women will encounter UTIs at least once in their lifetime. On the other hand, Urology Care Foundation says only 12% of males contract Urinary Tract Infection once in their lifetime.

Common disease causing germs found in toilet seats

According to The New York Times, studies done in bathrooms including the ones in hospitals have shown that dangerous viruses and bacteria are found on toilet seats. This includes antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus, a dangerous “flesh-eating bacteria”, norovirus also called the “cruise ship bug”, E. coli, shigella and streptococcus. They have found even Ebola could be transmitted from a toilet seat.

These viruses stick on the toilet seats. The modern tankless flushes flush down the water so forcefully. This causes some water splatter on to the seats causing the microbes to lurk.

How can you prevent this?

As much as you wish to avoid public toilets sometimes it becomes inevitable and you end up using one. In times like those you can use an effective toilet seat sanitizer spray. It gets rid of the germs lurking in a few seconds. This ensures it is safe for use. Smartsan toilet seat sanitizers are based on IPA formulation and effectively kill 99.9%* of germs in seconds. When sprayed on the toilet seats, it instantly kills germs. It also cleans it and leaves a subtle fragrance.

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizers

Toilet Seat Sanitizers are one of the must-haves in your hand bags while going out. The effectiveness and convenience of using the spray and wipes makes it your best friend against infections caused by dirty toilets. Smartsan offers alcohol free toilet seat sanitizers that do not cause irritation and rash on your skin. The wipes are 150×150 mm in size non-woven fabric. It is conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness. It is easy to tear and leak proof packing and ensures you are protected instantly.

Few pointers to ward off infections from dirty toilets

– Check if there are tissue rolls. Choose the stall that has one.
– Even if toilets seats look visibly clean, always use Smartsan Toilet seat sanitizer spray to be sure of no germs
– While flushing do not touch the flush with your hand, use a tissue to touch it
– Once you are out, use tissue to open and close the sink tap. It is as contaminated as the toilet seat.
– It is best to carry along a Smartsan hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands once you are out

By following these steps religiously, you can ensure that you minimize your chances of contracting an infection to almost zero after using a public toilet. Your small effort towards your personal hygiene goes a long way in protecting the health of yourself and your family!

You never again have to hold yourself from stepping into a public restroom anymore when you have an ultimate safe shield against the dangerous germs lurking on the toilet seats!

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    I am using this Toilet Seat Sanitizers daily. It was good experience, Strongly recommended.

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