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Disinfecting your hotel room while travelling after a pandemic


Disinfecting your hotel room while travelling after a pandemic

One thing the pandemic changed upside down is our hygiene habits. Even the laziest people have equipped themselves with smart hygiene practices to keep them and their families safe. We are tackling one of the worst pandemics the world has seen. It is wise to plan ahead of our lives post-pandemic. Almost every country’s economy has hit the bottom with travel restrictions and lock downs. As the restrictions ease, and the travel industry is beginning to thrive again. It is a collective responsibility of both the industry and the travellers to make travelling safe again.

Here in this article, we have discussed the ways you can ensure safe lodging facilities when you travel. One of the most important things that need to add in your travel essentials kit is a sanitizer. An efficient hand sanitizer like Smartsan and the Smartsan Surface sanitizers that keep your surroundingsfree from germs. As you enter a hotel here are the few steps to follow on your brief stay to keep yourself safe.

Check for hotel policies and certifications

The hotels generally have a cleanliness policy they adhere to even before the pandemic. They are easily available on their website and this can help you evaluate a safe place to stay. Now with the pandemic, hotels have begun to provide extensive hygiene services to ease the tension of travellers. In countries like Singapore and Malaysia, there is a cleanliness certification provided by the government after the stringent analysis of the cleanliness policies and practices. Choose such hotels for a better and safe staying experience.

Sanitize your hands right after you enter your room

Remember that you have crossed at least a dozen of high touch surfaces before your enter your room. This includes the taxi you came, reception lounge of the hotel, room keys, elevator buttons, door handles and much more. Hence it is best to sanitize your hands immediately after getting into your room. Remember not to touch your face before sanitizing your hands. The germs mainly gain entry into our body through eyes, nose and mouth. Hence clean your hands of all the germs by using Smartsan hand sanitizer gel, spray, wipe or a foam spray to get rid of 99.9%* germs lurking in your hands.

Sanitize your suitcase

Use our Smartsan Surface Sanitizer spray or wipes to sanitize the suitcase that has come along with you, probably attracting more germs than yourself. Spray the surface sanitizer generously to kill the germs that got stuck during transit and in the platforms, they were placed. This helps to ensure that you can unpack safely upon arrival.

Use surface sanitizers in high touch points of your room

Then move on to the highly touched spots in your rooms. Use a wipe or spray to quickly sanitize these areas to make it safe for you to use. This includes several spots and things within your room. Some of those, include, door and window handles, light switches, table lamp, refrigerator door, remote control, iron machine etc., Also spray on the furniture like the desk and tea table in the room are high contact surfaces.

You know, some of the scary hygiene stories of the hotel may be true. So always wash even a sparkly clean glass before you drink from it. Extreme hygiene practices are okay until you can safeguard your health during a risky period.

Sanitizing bathroom

The next problematic area in your room is the bathroom. Use surface sanitizer wipes or spray on the sink, faucets, mirror, flush handle, light switches and the hotel toiletries including shampoo and soap bottles. You can also request the housekeeping to use the surface sanitizer at the end to save you some time.

Bring your own pillowcase

The pillowcases and comforters are least washed in hotels. Slide in a pillowcase if you want to be sure of clean ones and also remove the comforter and request for an extra set of fresh linen. You can also use surface sanitizers in headboards to be sure you are hitting the bed that is clean and germ-free.

Carry a hand sanitizer throughout your trip

Make sure you sanitize after coming in contact with high touch areas and right after you get back to your room to keep it clean and germ-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does surface sanitizers discolour surfaces?

Smartsan surface sanitizers are safe on all surfaces and do not damage it.

Can surface sanitizer be used on wooden surfaces?

Smartsan Surface sanitizer offer superior protection on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Hence it easily sanitizes wooden surfaces for instant protection

Will hand sanitizer dry my hands?

The moisturizers enriched Smartsan hand sanitizers help keep your hands soft, clean and germ-free

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