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Face Masks – Your personal frontline warrior against infection


Face Masks – Your personal frontline warrior against infection

Until recently, wearing masks were mostly side-lined to healthcare professionals and sanitary staff. We as a community have not been conditioned or practiced to sport a mask while stepping out. But 2020 had different plans for us as a society. The pandemic made us shocked, confused, depressed with lockdown. It did take a while to understand the gravitas of the situation and for us to rise up to it.

COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets. Masks were recommended to prevent spreading infection. It was as well as used to prevent the spread of the infection from the infected. Initially, the WHO and Centres for diseases said the masks are not needed for everyone. But now it is just the opposite. Both WHO and Centres for Diseases recommend that the public wear masks while they are out.

Studies have clearly shown a minimized impact of spreading while wearing masks. Choosing the right mask is essential to keep yourself protected. The mask has to have layers to filter the microbes and at the same time breathable for comfortable usage.

As a solution to wade through the pandemic situation by keeping yourself protected, Smartsan now introduces N95|FPP2 masks. Smartsan Protective masks are ergonomically designed. It is equipped with all safety features for best protection. The Smartsan N95|FFP2 is a 6 layer protection N95 mask.

The first layer is 50 GSM which blocks heavy particles like dust and pollution particles. The layer 2 is 25 GSM that has bacteria and particulate filtration that filters out microbes at this level. Layer 3 is 60 GSM and is in place to add comfort to the wearer and maintain shape.

Layer 4 with 25 GSM filters out even the fine particles from entering your airway. The fifth layer made of 25 GSM provides structure and comfort. The sixth layer is sweat absorbent and skin friendly for most comfort while wearing. The masks are tested for quality and protection to ensure the best for our customers. The Smartsan Protective mask has the capacity to filter particles over 95% and over 99.17% filtration of bacteria. The masks are designed ergonomically ensure comfortable wearing.

It comes with adjustable nose clip secures with fewer pressure points and the elastic ear loops enable the proper fit. The mask has ultrasonic stitching, a vertical flat fold design that provides convenient probability. The mask also comes with a respirator with valve and an advanced filter media for easier breathing.The Smartsan protective mask comes as a pack with 10 pieces in colour variants including white, grey and pink.

The right way to wear a face mask

– It is important to sanitize your hands before touching the face mask.

– Wear the loops around the ears and secure the nose clips to ensure close fit.

– Do not touch the mask with your hands

– While removing the face masks, get it off using the ear loops and discard.

– After removing the face mask ensure to sanitize your hands that may be contaminated

Smartsan protective face masks are comfortable to use and efficient in filtering microbes. It is an excellent choice for your outdoor walks, while going to the office, shopping and while travelling in public transport. It is a one size fits all mask and hence a pack of Smartsan protective masks help in safeguarding your entire family.

  • Suresh Kumar
    Posted at 3:23 pm, August 31, 2020

    Though they are new, they give atmost importance to both Quality and Customer Satisfactions as well !!

  • Leena Hahim
    Posted at 10:52 am, September 2, 2020

    I used this Face Masks from smartsan . I recommended this to protect against COVID

  • Rahul
    Posted at 11:32 am, September 4, 2020

    Good exp while i am wearing N95 mask.

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