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Germiest places in the airport you need to avoid

Germiest places in the airport you need to avoid-smartsan-blog

Germiest places in the airport you need to avoid

Calling visibly sparkly surfaces as clean is an absolute myth! All the clean surfaces may not be germ-free. Sanitizing the surface using surface sanitizers is an important follow-up step post cleaning. Likewise, the impeccable looking airport surfaces can still be lurking with disease causing germs. If you think that the washroom is the most infested place, you could not be more wrong!

With countries openingtheir boundaries after the pandemic, people just cannot wait to get to their homes and return to their workplaces. Airport is the conjunction where people of several walks of life and geography come together in one place. Hence it is important to up your sanitization game at the airport to steer clear of virus and bacteria.

Here are few of the most infested spots at the airport

Tray Table

In a study conducted in 2015, 26 samples were collected from surfaces in five airports and on four flights. The highest concentration of bacteria was found on the tray table on the back of cabin seats. It had 2,155 colony-forming units per square inch. In flight, the lavatory flush button had 265 colony-forming units per square inch. The flush button, the overhead air vents, which had 285 colony-forming units per square inch. Sample study revealed traces of rotavirus, norovirus and even in some instances E-coli. 

Water Fountain

The buttons of the water fountain had more concentrated levels of microorganisms with 1240 colony-forming units in every square inch. On the other hands, one of the most obvious spots like the bathroom handles had only 70 colony forming units. Probably it was regularly cleaned as it is more like to get dirty. This comparison needs to open our minds about the least obvious spaces that may cause infections.

In flight magazines

In flight magazines stay there untouched for at least quarterly. The ragged looks of it speaks more to you to stay away from it.

Leather seat and armrests

The leather seats are severely infested with germs. The germs can be disease causing and infectious. It is wise to carry sanitizer wipes with you every time you travel to quickly wipe off germs that could cost your well-being.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the paramount to stay healthy. According to the CDC, about 80% of infections are transferred from unclean hands. Hand sanitizers are a boon as it is easy to carry and best bet for your defence against germs. Especially when you are in places with no access to water and soap.

Smartsan Hand Sanitizer

Smartsan Hand sanitizers use IPA based formulation. We manufacture hand sanitizers in various forms including gel form, sprays, wipes, pouch with 50 sachets, single sachets, card sprays and hand rubs. So, it is convenient as it is easy to use and easy to carry around and use.

The 1.5 ml sachets are extremely useful to carry around for one-time usage. It is a great option while on trips. So it can also be while travelling in airlines, railways etc., The wipes also come in 150×150 mm non-woven fabric is conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness. It effectively wipes out germs from your hands leaving it soft and clean! Thus, with the help of effective hand sanitizers, you can keep infections at bay.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizers

Smartsan surface sanitizers have an enriched formula with IPA base. This leaves any surface 99.9%* germ-free. And it also adds a subtle fresh fragrance. This leaves your kitchen not only clean but also feels fresh! Also the surface sanitizer also cleans and removes stains when used on the surfaces. So, after application the Smartsan Surface Sanitizer leaves the surface sanitized and free from germs for hours.

The Smartsan Surfaces sanitizers come as wipes and sprays. You can choose the convenient form of packaging as per your requirement. The wipes are 50×150 mm, machine sprayed non-woven fabric folded conveniently. It also has a handy design for easy usage.

Frequently asked questions

Will surface sanitizer leave a stain on the surface?

The Smartsan Surface Sanitizer does not leave a stain. It protects the surface and kills the germs efficiently

How often should a surface sanitizer be used?

Use more if you are exposed more! Airports not only hosts a huge number of travellers, but also germs and infections. Use surface sanitizers as and when you feel a suspicion on some spot. Use where ever safety is required.

How much hand sanitizer is required?

Use a very little amount of hand sanitizer. This is enough to cover your hands including fingertips and between your fingers. So too much hand sanitizer is not going to kill more viruses. Hence it is advisable to use sparingly and save up on your bottle.

Do I have to wait for hand sanitizer to work?

Hand sanitizer works instantly. Wait till your hands are dry. So, it only takes 15-20 seconds to have a clean and germ-free hand.

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