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Germiest places you need to be cautious of while in a shopping mall

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Germiest places you need to be cautious of while in a shopping mall

The impact left by the pandemic amongst us is huge. We are forced into doing everything out of normal and out of our comfort zone. After a complete lockdown, several relaxations are being announced, in a bid to open our economy,  As our governments are working at their best to control infections, as citizens we are equally responsible to stay safe and safeguard others as well.

It has irrevocably proved that clean hands can cut the spread of germs by 80%. When you are visiting a highly crowded place like a shopping mall, know that there are several people around you who walk, touch merchandise, eat in the food courts and are using restrooms which are all the high hotspots for germs and it’s spreading. Unclean hands can be one of the major causes for the spread of germs from several surfaces across the shopping mall

Here is a list of places in a mall, where you need to be highly cautious to safeguard yourself from harmful diseases spread by these germs.


It’s pretty obvious! But still, you need to be extra cautious. Use a hand sanitizer to cleanse your hands immediately after entering. For further protection from unclean toilets use the Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray to remove germs leaving behind a pleasant fragrance making it easier for you. Always use a tissue to open and close tap and flushes. Once you are out the toilet again sanitize your hands with a hand sanitizer.

Food Courts

Another majorly crowded area in a mall is a food court. Moreover, wherever there is food there is always a high risk of cross-contamination. In some cases also few foodborne viruses. Wipe the tables with a surface sanitizer and try to carry your cutlery for safety. Always use hand sanitizer before and after leaving the tray upon the counters.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts is one of the most touched objects within a mall. With so many people touching it, studies have shown that shopping carts even harbour bacteria found in faeces. A study by Charles Gerba says amongst 85 shopping carts almost 50% had E-coli bacteria and up to 72% had faecal bacteria. Also, COVID-19 virus survives for long hours on steel and plastics. Hence it is always a good idea to carry surface sanitizer wipes to clean the handle before you pick them for use.

Reusable Bags

After the advent of environmental policies and several awareness programs on reducing plastic and waste, reusable bags are the current trend. Coming in several shades and shapes however attractive they look they can be harbouring several kinds of bacteria and virus including E-coli and Salmonella. Knowingly and unknowingly you place them in several platforms. The bags hence act as the source of cross-contamination, increasing the risk of spreading infections. Especially if you are carrying meat then there are higher risks that you are carrying around a germ factory all the time with you. Always spray surface sanitizers to kill the germs and be sure to keep the bags clean with proper anti-bacterial solutions.

ATMs and money

While shopping you are not only exchanging goods for money but also deadly germs while you are at it. ATMs are highly contaminated with germs. It is also one of the commonly used spaces in the mall. Sometimes becomes fatal when it is a COVID-19 or Staphylococcus a flesh-eating bacteria.

Be it coins, cash, ATM, or POS you run a risk of spreading germs. Hence it is only wise that you use a hand sanitizer after handling cash and before using a POS or ATM.

It is definitely not possible to steer clear of germs 100%. But following few safety guidelines can help in keeping yourself and your family safe especially in such testing times. One needs to remember that only the government has offered relaxation and not the virus. Let us be more responsible for our family as well as our society.

Some of the must-have essential you must have while visiting a mall are

Smartsan hand Sanitizers

Smartsan Hand sanitizer has permissible alcohol content. It sanitizes your hands and leaves it feeling soft and clean. We provide one-time use hand sanitizer sachets, wipes and an easy to carry card spray for a safe shopping experience

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes helps remove germs from any surface. As its enriched formula and IPA base leaves any surface not only 99.9%* germ-free but with a subtle fresh fragrance.

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizer is essential especially when you are out in the public for a longer duration. Using it before using public restrooms helps ward off infections and keeps you safe.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to use hand sanitizers often?

One time application guarantees protection for 4 hours. You can use it as many times as required if you’re highly exposed.

How long does it take to kill germs?

It works within seconds. Take a small amount of hand sanitizer and rub it well to cover your hands. It dries instantly and kills all the germs in seconds.

Can you use surface sanitizer on a porous surface?

You can use Smartsan Surface sanitizers on both porous and non-porous surfaces to remove stains and germs alike

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