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Germy places in the kitchen that you need to sanitize


Germy places in the kitchen that you need to sanitize

Compared to the dusty bookshelves and under the stairs, the kitchen in your homes is one of the places that gets regular cleaning. But even a visibly clean kitchen is infested with bacteria and viruses. Your cleaning routine usually involves places that meet the eye. And regular cleaning is just not enough to get rid of the nasty disease causing microbes. Out of all places in the house, you need to concentrate higher on the kitchen as these microbes could easily gain access to your body through food.

To keep your family safe and healthy especially during a pandemic it is important that you sanitize your kitchens. Cleaning can only remove dirt, grime, and grease. But it takes an efficient sanitizer like Smartsan Surface Sanitizer to kill 99.9%* of germs that may be lurking in the kitchen.

Drawer handles

You might have spent your time polishing the cabinets sparkly clean, but the handles are often overlooked. Everyone in your family must have used it. Thus it becomes a hotbed of germs. Use Smartsan Surface Sanitizer spray to spray on those spots and leave it for a few seconds. The active IPA formulation acts on the surfaces and kills 99.9%* of germs. Make it a part of your night cleaning routine to cover the drawer handles to stop the spreading of these harmful germs.


One of the most germ prone areas in the kitchen is the fridge. If you have stored raw meat and processed food then the chances of germ infestation on the freezer trays, fridge handles are more. Always remember to use Smartsan Surface wipes on the fridge handles, the freezer tray and the vegetable storage box. This keeps your fridge not only clean but also free of germs.

Cutting boards

We know the high risk of germs while handling raw meat. But keep in mind that even fresh vegetables for a salad could leave the germs on the cutting board. Thereby the germs can easily pass on to the person using it and the people consuming the food. To be safe from dangerous germs use a Smartsan Surface Sanitizer spray before and after using the cutting boards to ward off infection.

Kitchen sink

Dirty dishes have stayed there for too long for the germs to be washed away with just water. Make sure you sanitize the sink, the faucet and the dispensers after doing the dishes. This helps you to completely get rid of germs after your cleaning routine. Use a Smartsan wipes or spray to clean the sink, the crevices, the faucet and its handle.

Mixer Grinder knobs/controls

The blender and the mixer grinder handle raw food. Any appliances that handle raw food needs sanitization to make it germ-free. Make sure you wipe on all the joints and between the controls. To easily access the crevices, use the Smartsan Surface Sanitizer spray for easy application.

Can openers

You might have used can-openers at least a thousand times. Have you ever thought you have neglected its hygiene all this time? It could be one of the important source viruses and bacteria. Before every use wipe it with a Smartsan Surface Sanitizer so that you make sure it is germ-free before usage.

Ingredient containers

When you are in a hurry, you randomly use the containers in the midst of cooking. The random usage leaves the container hoarded with germs from the veggies and meat used while cooking. Hence carefully sanitize all the ingredient containers periodically.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizers

Smartsan surface sanitizers have an enriched formula with IPA base. This leaves any surface 99.9%* germ-free. And it also adds a subtle fresh fragrance. This leaves your kitchen not only clean but also feels fresh! Also the surface sanitizer also cleans and removes stains when used on the surfaces. So, after application the Smartsan Surface Sanitizer leaves the surface sanitized and free from germs for hours.

The Smartsan Surfaces sanitizers come as wipes and sprays. You can choose the convenient form of packaging as per your requirement. The wipes are 50×150 mm, machine sprayed non-woven fabric folded conveniently. It also has a handy design for easy usage.

Frequently asked questions

Will surface sanitizer leave a stain on the surface?

The Smartsan Surface Sanitizer does not leave a stain. It protects the surface and kills the germs efficiently

How often should a surface sanitizer be used?

The usage is preferably decided upon the exposure. If you have brought a shopping bag then an immediate sanitization of the counter top is necessary. Otherwise before and after cooking is enough protect your and your family

How are wipes used?

The Surface sanitizer wipes are laced with the efficient formula to use directly used on surfaces. You just need to glide over the surface to make it germ-free.

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    Posted at 2:00 pm, September 2, 2020

    Great products, all the best

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    Posted at 11:57 am, September 4, 2020

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