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Hand hygiene in the healthcare industry


Hand hygiene in the healthcare industry

Sanitization and an infection-free environment is an absolute necessity in a healthcare set-up. For ensuring effective hand hygiene all the staff in healthcare facilities are required to wash and/or disinfect their hands at critical moments. Especially before patient contact, before indulging in an aseptic task, after being exposed to body fluid, after treating the patient, and being in the vicinity of an infected patient.

WHO recommends an alcohol-based rub at all bedsides and a washbasin with a 1:10 ratio with 1 washbasin for every 10 beds. Other important amenities required for best sanitation in the healthcare facility include good and continuous stock of sanitary gloves and other prophylactic materials for use and be safely discarded. Another important feature of an infection-free healthcare facility is keeping hand rubs in all entrances and exits to ensure there is no spread of infections.

Critical moments when health care providers must sanitize their hands

– While entering and exiting the room where infected patients are hospitalized.
– After attending a patient and moving onto the next person regardless of wearing gloves.
– Coming in contact with a patient.
– After removing gloves.
– In between different treatments in the same patient. For example, after dressing up the wound and before establishing an IV line
– After touching soiled things like clothes with the patient’s blood or body fluids like wound dressing and bedpans.
– Before sorting medications for the patient.
– Before preparing food for the patient.
– After self-care activities like using a toilet or after sneezing or coughing.

Instances in which patients and visitors should sanitize their hands

– Use a hand sanitizer before eating to eliminate the ingestion of germs.
– Before, during, and after preparing food for the patient.
– After changing diapers or bedpans for the patient.
– After using the bathroom.
– If having pets sanitize your hands before heading over to take care of the patient.
– After touching visibly contaminated things like the trash can or waste cloth, etc. 
– After sneezing, coughing, or wiping a runny nose.
– Before changing wound dressing, taking medication.
– Before handling the contact lens.
– Frequently when someone at home is sick.
– While entering and exiting to visit a patient in a hospital.

Whether taking care of patients at home or in the hospital, hand sanitization is imperative for their good health and also for the attender’s well-being. Hence the hand sanitizers must be placed in such a manner that is it is easily accessible and visible as a constant reminder for the attendee to sanitize their hands

Surface sanitization

The hospital surfaces require thorough sanitization at least twice a day. Right from the reception at a health care facility, the patient rooms, and the waiting area of outpatients, the doctor’s office, the testing instruments, and others must be mandatorily sanitized. Sanitizing thermometers and other instruments that are used for several patients after each use is very important.

Using a surface sanitizer that is gentle on the surface and tough on the germs is important to achieve the desired results. Smartsan surface hand sanitizers work well both on porous and non-porous surfaces leaving them not only clean but also germ-free.

Smartsan Hand Sanitizer

Our Hand sanitizers use IPA based formulation. We manufacture hand sanitizers in various forms including gel form, sprays, wipes, pouch with 50 sachets, single sachets, card sprays, and hand rubs. So, it is convenient as it is easy to use and easy to carry around and use.

The 1.5 ml sachets are extremely useful to carry around for one-time usage. It is a great option while on trips. So it can also be while traveling in airlines, railways, etc., The wipes also come in 150×150 mm non-woven fabric is conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness. It effectively wipes out germs from your hands while leaving it soft and clean! Thus with the help of effective hand sanitizers, you can keep infections at bay.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizers

Smartsan surface sanitizers have an enriched formula with an IPA base. This leaves any surface 99.9%* germ-free. And it also adds a subtle fresh fragrance. This leaves your surfaces including the surfaces in the kitchen not only clean but also feeling afresh! Also, the surface sanitizer cleans and removes stains when used on the surfaces. So, after application, the Smartsan Surface Sanitizer leaves the surface sanitized and free from germs for hours. The Smartsan Surfaces sanitizers come as wipes and sprays. You can choose the convenient form of packaging as per your requirement. The wipes are 50×150 mm, machine sprayed non-woven fabric folded conveniently. It also has a handy design for easy usage

Frequently asked questions

Is alcohol-based sanitizer a fire hazard?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are flammable but cannot contribute to a wheeling fire as the quantity is very less. But it is important not to keep the bottle near flames and to not take your hands close to a flame right after applying hand sanitizer.

Can frequent usage lead to antibiotic-resistance?

No. As alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not contain antibiotics, they will not lead to antibiotic-resistance.

How much hand sanitizer is required?

Use only one pump and spread it evenly to reach all areas in your hands for effective sanitizing.

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