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Hand Hygiene while travelling – How can hand sanitizers help?


Hand Hygiene while travelling – How can hand sanitizers help?

Several countries around the world have gradually started releasing lockdowns that were in place due to the pandemic. Travelling has once again commenced all around the world. But travelling after the pandemic is not going to be the same. Everyone needs to be extra responsible and exert caution in all ways to break the chain and prevent the spread of the virus.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you navigate throughout your travel without exposing yourself or others to infection.

Proper use of hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are boon to travellers as they provide instant protection anywhere, anytime. Proper usage of hand sanitizers is important for effective results. To ensure maximum protection take a coin-sized amount and make sure you cover all the spots in your hands including fingertips, in-between fingers and under the nails.

CDC has recommended that hand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol are effective in killing 99.9%* disease-causing germs.

Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes

This cannot be stressed enough, but it is easier said than done. An average human being touches his face at least a 1000 times in a day. Touching ones face is a natural reaction for a human being. To control it mindfully is quite a challenging task. But it is very important to do as COVID-19 mainly spreads through respiratory droplets. Also when you touch your face after touching contaminated surfaces, it is highly likely to get infected.

WHO has said that COVID-19 can rapidly spread through saliva droplets, nose discharge and when someone sneezes or coughs.

Though this step may be easier said than done, it’s important to avoid hand-to-face contact as much as possible when you’re travelling.

Not wanting to handshake is not rude anymore

When you bump into a friend or a colleague at the airport it is not a necessity to greet them with a handshake, especially during this pandemic. A wave and a smile would do and always mind to keep a one-metre distance between you two. Also, keep your hands to yourself to avoid close contact with the other person.

Handshakes are also actionsthat facilitates exchange of germs. If in an unavoidable situation you happen to handshake then immediately use a hand sanitizer before you touch your face, eyes, nose and mouth.

Know the high contact surface and always use a hand sanitizer

From the moment you step out of the door, you are highly susceptible to contracting disease-causing germs. Prevention is the best cure. Hence always have a hand sanitizer with you. The cab, airport and the public transports are laced with germs that could cause several diseases. This is when hand sanitizers come in handy for the instant killing of germs.

Alternatively, you can use other forms of hand sanitizers like the Smartsan Hand sanitizer wipes that are easy to carry in pockets. Sanitize your hands immediately after coming in contact with possibly contaminated surfaces. In the wake of the pandemic, the airline and other means of transport have become highly conscious in sanitizing the surfaces before every trip to ensure safety.

Being safe and equipping yourself with protection is always the best way to stay safe from germs that could even cause fatal diseases.

Pass on the knowledge to others

In a situation like this pandemic, everyone needs to be responsible to ensure safety. The safety precaution you take benefits your neighbours too. Hence do not stop by using a hand sanitizer, also offer it your friend or colleague if they do not own one. Let them know about the benefits of hand sanitizing and encourage its usage.

If you are in an influential position in your office, use the opportunity to encourage the practice amongst all to make your workspace safer and healthier.

These hygiene practices can ensure that your hands are clean and germ-free throughout your travel. Contaminated hands are the cause for 95% of flu and diseases thatspread through a virus

Smartsan Hand Sanitizers

Smartsan Hand sanitizers use IPA based formulation and come in various forms. This includes gel form, sprays, wipes, pouch with 50 1 ml sachets, card sprays, hand rubs and foam. Bio hand sanitizers are non-alcoholic hand sanitizers that are effective for germs. As the bio hand sanitizers are alcohol-free it is extremely safe on children. The 1 ml and 2.5 ml sachets are handy to carry around and in your backpack or purse. So it ensures that you have access to driving away germs anytime and anywhere. The wipes come in 150×150 mm non-woven fabric. It is conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hand sanitizers be used when hands are greasy?

Hand sanitizers do not work on dirty hands. You will have to use soap and water to remove the greasiness. Hand sanitizers are effective in getting rid of the germs lurking in your hands after touching a contaminated surface

How much hand sanitizer is needed?

Use a coin-size amount of hand sanitizer. This is enough to cover your hands including fingertips and between your fingers. Too much hand sanitizer is not going to kill more viruses. Hence it is advisable to use sparingly and save up on your bottle.

Do I have to wait for hand sanitizer to work?

Hand sanitizer works instantly. Wait till your hands are dry. The process is complete when your hand dries. It only takes 15-20 seconds to have a clean and germ-free hand.

Will frequent use of hand sanitizer dry out my hands?

Smartsan hand sanitizers come with moisturizers that protect your skin. It helps to keep your skin soft and clean.

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