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Hand Sanitizers – Making the most out of it


Hand Sanitizers – Making the most out of it

Hand Sanitizers have now become a household essential unlike before! In India especially, the concept of hand hygiene has mostly been hand washing. But the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone talking about hand sanitizers. The importance of it in breaking the chain of virus transmission. The government has made it mandatory to have sanitizer dispensers at the entry points of offices, stores and places where the public gather. So, this has increased the awareness amongst people to use hand sanitizers and its importance.

From less frequent hand washing to religiously sanitizing our hands after hopping out of public transport or elevators, we as a community have come a long way. So it is time that we learn more about hand sanitizers to choose the best. It ensures the best protection for you and your loved ones.

How does a sanitizer work?

Sanitizers are predominantly made of alcohol like Isopropyl alcohol which is effective in killing microbial cells. Hence it kills the harmful virus and bacteria in the hands. By killing the germs the hand sanitizer promotes good health and prevents pathogenic transmission. So, this has helped in controlling the spread of dangerous diseases including the COVID-19.

How are Hand Sanitizers useful?

Sanitizers are valuable resources when there is no access to soap and water. But in a setting like hospital and clinics it helps in preventing transfer of infections from one patient to another. But washing hands with soap and water isn’t a viable option in all circumstances. The WHO and CDC recommends hand sanitizers as the best resource for killing viruses and bacteria instantly. And for the common public the hand sanitizers are extremely useful for using on the go.

Benefits of using hand sanitizers

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers with efficient formulation helps in instant protection. So, Smartsan Hand sanitizers act as the best shield against the microbes anywhere, anytime.

Controls growth of microbes: The alcohol in the hand sanitizers kills the microbes instantly stopping in the spread of the infection.

Elevates hygiene habits: By regularly using hand sanitizers, personal hygiene is improved and thereby improving health  

Save resources: Smartsan Hand Sanitizers has quick absorption and long lasting protection. So, this helps in saving water or tissue to wipe away residue,

How should you use a hand sanitizer effectively?

Smartsan hand sanitizers are efficient in eliminating microbes. With effective usage your ensure your hands are perfectly clean, soft and germ free,

Use the right quantity: Take a coin sized quantity of the hand sanitizer. It has to completely cover the hands front and back.

Use it the right way: Ensure the hand sanitizer coats the entire hands including between fingers and fingertips. Rub effectively until the sanitizers are completely absorbed.

Use it at the right time: Make sure you sanitize your hands after touching surfaces in public. This includes public transport, restrooms, office desks, elevator buttons, cafeterias etc.,

Why choose Smartsan Hand Sanitizers?

Smartsan Hand sanitizers uses IPA based formulation. Smartsan manufactures hand sanitizers in various forms including gel form, sprays, wipes, pouch with 50 wipes, sachets, card sprays and hand rubs. So, it is convenient as it is easy to use and easy to carry around.

The 1.5 ml sachets are extremely useful to carry around for one-time usage. It is a great option for distributing it to guests during gatherings. So it can also be distributed to passengers in airline, railways etc., also the wipes which come in 150×150 mm non-woven fabric is conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness. It effectively wipes out germs from your hands and it’s soft and clean! Thus with the help of effective hand sanitizers you can keep infections at bay. Be assured of lesser infections leading a healthy, happy life!

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