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How to keep your home safe from COVID-19

smartsan-Blog-How to keep your home safe from COVID19

COVID-19 has got everyone serious about their personal hygiene. Along with personal hygiene it is equally important to keep your home clean and sanitized for protecting your family’s health. COVID-19 transmission risk is at the highest in person-to-person than from touching surfaces. Still the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces at least once a day. Every surface in your home needs sanitization even if you do not go out. People coming in can carry germs and also the things you bring are possible carriers of the virus.

Recently, a study has indicated COVID-19 virus can remain in the air for 3 hours. When it comes to surfaces it stays for 24 hours in cardboard and up to 3 days on stainless steel.

Control the spread of the viruses with certain guidelines. There are steps to follow to completely sanitize your surfaces and keep your surroundings clean and healthy.

What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?

Cleaning and sanitizing are definitely not the same. Cleaning just removes the dirt and grime from the surfaces and does not kill the bacteria. The cleaning agents work on hard surfaces by removing dirt, contaminants, debris and more. But to get rid of the novel coronavirus it is important that you use a surface sanitizer to kill the virus.

What kills COVID-19?

To kill COVID-19 virus you need to use an effective formulation that actively works in killing disease causing bacteria and germs. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer has IPA formulation that acts effectively killing the virus and bacteria on the surfaces. The Smartsan Sanitizer acts efficiently on both porous and non-porous surfaces giving you efficient sanitization on all surfaces.

The Smartsan Surface Sanitizers come in two different packages as spray and wipes. Use the best suited option as per your requirement. Surface Sanitizers spray is a fine mist spray that actively works against by killing 99.9%. It dries quickly and removes dirt and stains.

Spots to clean in your home

It is not necessary and also not practically possible to sanitize from top to bottom every day. Focus on the hotspots in your homes and be sure to sanitize them at least once a day. Some of the important hotspots in your home include cupboards, knobs, pipes, kitchen and the countertops. In the bathroom concentrate on faucets, handles, hangers, drawers. Appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher and even microwave handles.

In your drawing room you need to sanitize the remote controls, gaming controls and computer keyboards. The dining table, staircase railings, switches and especially your door’s calling bell need to be sanitized.

Ways to sanitize when someone is sick

If there is someone in your home who is sick with flu or other viral infections that are communicable then you need to take extra measures to ensure that your home is well-sanitized. Initially, separate the person from the others in the family. Confine them to one room to make sanitizing easier.

It is best to let the sick person use a separate bathroom. Limit the contact with the sick person and ensure cleaning and sanitizing only when visibly soiled. If they have enough strength, provide them with surface sanitizers to frequently sanitize and clean the surfaces around them.

By following these guidelines you can ensure that your home is well-protected and sanitized. Use the Smartsan Surface Sanitizers on all the hotspots for germs in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will surface sanitizers damage surfaces?

Smartsan Surface sanitizers are harmless on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Use the wipes or sprays on the surface you wish to sanitize and it quickly dries off leaving surfaces clean and germ-free.

How frequently should you use surface sanitizers?

There isn’t a specific frequency to ensure sanitizing surfaces. It can be used as and when required based on the exposure of the surface to contaminants and germs.

Why is it necessary to use surface sanitizer?

There is a high chance of contracting diseases by touching the surface and using the same hands to touch your nose, mouth or eyes allowing entry for viruses or germs into your body. Hence it is important to keep your surface clean and sanitized.

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