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How to safeguard your children who are into sports during this COVID-19?


How to safeguard your children who are into sports during this COVID-19?

As each day passes by, the reality of the pandemic has struck all of us. People have realized that they need to turn to a new normal. The realization has led them to alter their ways of life to suit the situation. Parents are the worried lot of all! They have an immense responsibility for their children’s safety. Especially the children who are outdoorsy and into sports cannot be held back for long. We are in a paradox where only till recently we forced playing outside for their physical health. Now as the pandemic struck parents are struggling hard restraining the bubbling energy of the youngsters who want to go out and about.

As the public are rebounding to their daily lives with an exhaustive set of safety rules, youth sports have also been taken into consideration. The Centres for Diseases Control had meted out the guidelines to be followed to encourage youth sports even during these testing times. Some of the important guidelines are discussed here for the benefit of all!

How to choose a safe sport for your child?

As parents you need to first evaluate the sports itself. Analyse if it safe and if the adequate distance can be maintained during it. For example the simplest example would be boxing versus cricket. While analysing these two sports it is pretty obvious that cricket is much safer than boxing where players are too close to each other than recommended. Another factor to consider is that they share sport equipment between them. For instance in basketball, the ball is constantly passed by various players who handle it. Hence lesser the sharing of equipment the better is the sport.

Few other important points to consider include

: Analyse if the age group involved understand the gravitas of the situation. See if they can understand and follow guidelines for safety.

Team size: Practically speaking a big team with many players is hard to manage and follow guidelines. Hence go for smaller teams or even better solo sports.

Staff team: Check if the coaches and staff can handle the children. See if they have enough people to safely manage children and ensure that they follow guidelines especially during times like the pandemic.

The venue: The venue of the practice sessions and competitions needs to be analysed. Check if the place is well sanitised, safe and have basic sanitary facilities.

Likewise it is better to minimize tournaments that require travelling during these times. Talk to the coach, understand the demands you need to cater to and then decide if it would be a safe option for your child.

Safety practices for your children to follow while involving in sports

The best safety option is to avoid sports and stay indoors. But if you have made the decision to let your child take part in outdoor activities, then you must ensure the following.

Wear a mask, always!
First and foremost, get the basic right. It is incredibly important to ensure that your children wear a mask at all times. It is the preliminary and one of the most important precaution and safety measures you can count on to prevent COVID-19.

Hand hygiene
Make sure your child has access to hand sanitizers throughout. Even while travelling when there is no access to soap and water, ensure that your children always carry a hand sanitizer to keep their hand clean and germ-free.

Stay home if you feel sick
It’san important responsibility as a model citizen to stay indoors if the child is sick. Never take a chance and be the carrier of disease and affect others

Sanitizing sport equipment
If there are shared equipment involved then sanitizing it regularly is necessary. It must be as frequently done as hand washing With these practices in place, then you have ensured a pretty safe environment for your child to indulge in sports.

Must have personal hygiene products for your children

Hand sanitizer sachet.
Having a stash of easy to carry, easy to tear hand sanitizer sachets ensure long lasting protection for your children anytime, anywhere. Smartsan Hand sanitizers have IPA formulation that is efficient in fighting against germs. For comfort, the hand sanitizers are available in gel forms, sprays, wipes, sachets and as foam sprays. The added moisturizer ensures your hands don’t go dry after use

Surface sanitizer wipes
Surface sanitizers
are essential to remove germs from the equipment. Cleaning only removes dirt. To ensure protection it is necessary to use a surface sanitizer. Smartsan surface sanitizers are safe on both porous and non-porous surfaces and can be used on all your sport equipment. It safely removes germs without damaging the surfaces. Smartsan Surface sanitizers comes as sprays and wipes for convenient usage

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to wash hands after using hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers when applied dries off quickly by leaving the hands clean and free of germs. Hence it is not necessary to wash with water again

Can children use hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are perfectly safe for children to use when applied appropriately. Smartsan also offers alcohol-free bio hand sanitizers that could be a great option for children

Does surface sanitizer leave a residue?

Surface sanitizers do not leave a residue. Smartsan Surface sanitizers are safe to use on porous and non-porous surfaces. They act against germs without causing harm to the surface.

How often should you use a hand sanitizer?

The kind of exposure decides the frequency of hand sanitizers. A hand sanitizer generally keeps your hands germ-free for up to 4 hours. In case you are at high risk areas or treating the ill, then you need to sanitize frequently after every contact.

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