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Hygiene tips to follow before heading out while and after the pandemic


Hygiene tips to follow before heading out while and after the pandemic

Grabbing your keys, phone and wallets and heading out is just not possible anymore. The post-pandemic world has a new normal that you need to follow to protect yourself and your loved ones. You need to keep your hygiene a high priority with equipping yourself with the right hygiene products.

Here we have discussed the important hygiene tips you can follow while you are heading out during and after a pandemic!

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is the primary and the most important step towards staying safe. Its importance has been reiterated time and again. It helps keeping yourself safe from infectious diseases. WHO says about 90% of viral infections spread through poor hand hygiene habits. Use a hand sanitizer after getting back home and also frequently while you are in the public. Clean hands are mandatory before handling food, after using the toilet and after you come in contact with the high touch surfaces. Always ensure to sanitize your hands before entering a hotel room or even your home to leave behind all the germs that you have picked up while you are out.

Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth

The easy entry for germs into our body is through our eyes, nose and mouth. Hence touching these parts with unwashed hands is like inviting germs consciously. It is a difficult task as you tend to touch your face more often than you know. Be completely aware of your actions and avoid touching your face, especially when you are in public.

Proper hygiene when sneezing or coughing

Covering your mouth and nose with tissue is essential while sneezing. Immediately discard the tissue into a dustbin. Sanitize your hands immediately after sneezing. In case you cannot find a tissue on time WHO has recommended sneezing into your flexed elbow. This will prevent the spattering of your respiratory droplets all around and keep yourself safe. It is best for a sick person to see a doctor. They should stay home until they are fully recovered.

Wear a mask

Even in cases when you have a mild respiratory symptom like a cough, fever or runny nose wear a mask! It is your responsibility to society to not go about spreading nasties. Wearing a mask helps in defence. It protects your mouth and nose from respiratory droplets.

Consumption of raw or undercooked meats

Raw meat could have dangerous germs lurking in them. There is a high risk of chances of infection while handling raw meat and while consumption of undercooked or raw meat. Hence it is better to consume fully cooked food to reduce the chances of infection.

Caution while visiting wet markets

When you are visiting wet markets, animal products and encountering live animals exercise extreme caution with frequent hand sanitizing to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with contaminated hands. Avoid contact with sick animals or spoiled animal products. Do not touch stray cats, dogs, rodents, birds, bats in the markets

Always carry surface sanitizer spray or wipe

Public transport certainly adds to the tension of contracting germs while you are out. Always carry surface sanitizers like the handy Smartsan Surface Sanitizer wipes to wipe your seat in the public transport, the handles and your bags after you reach. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer can effectively 99.9%* of germs lurking on the surfaces.

Sanitize your hands before putting on a mask and after taking it off

Proper usage of masks is important for efficient protection. Ensure that you cover your nose and mouth with no gaps between the mask and your face. Do not touch your mask while using it. While removing do not touch the front of the mask rather remove it using the ear strings. Following this be sure to sanitize your hands & the mask immediately.

Minimal physical contact

If you are going to really crowded areas or you bump into friends or family, in times like these it is best to maintain the distance. It is best for you as well as others. But it isn’t always possible when you are travelling by public transport or the like. To safeguard you in such instances make sure you maintain 1-metre distance between you and others. Do not touch or get close to sick people, politely decline a handshake and greet with a nod. Alcohol hand sanitizers like Smartsan are must keep you safe especially in crowded areas.

With these few tips, you can ensure that you are safe while going out. Always be aware of your surroundings, touch consciously and be always alert to remember to wear your mask and keep your sanitizers close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an infected person’s touch transmit disease?

Technically a touch doesn’t transmit diseases. When they touch with contaminated hands, there are every chance for spread of disease

How long can we wear masks?

Wear masks as long as you are exposed. Children below two years are not advised to wear masks. Choose a comfortable mask for yourself and stay protected.

How many hours once can I apply Hand Sanitizer?

A single application of Smart hand Sanitizer can keep your hands clean for about 4 hours. But if you’re highly exposed use it as frequently as required.

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