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Hygiene tips while shopping in supermarket


There are several reasons why you should maintain hygiene always and in all ways! Especially during the pandemic, even something that is uneventful as grocery shopping needs so much attention to detail. You can get infected with virus and bacteria anytime in several ways. So it can be caused through contaminated surfaces, coming in contact with an infected person and more.

Keeping your houses stocked with food is essential if there is a pandemic or not. Following few safety tips will help you stay protected

Go to a store only if you are feeling well

Safety starts with self, if you are running a temperature or if you have symptoms of cold avoid visiting a grocery store where you put yourself and others at risk.

Know the supermarket’s guidelines and policies

With the pandemic on the rise the supermarkets have come up with several changes in their policies like their working hours and more. Hence it is wise to check the supermarket guidelines for hygiene before heading out.

Make a list

Making a list helps you save time and minimizes the amount of your exposure. So with a list you can quickly reach the departments by coming in contact with the least number of surfaces. In case of the elderly some store allows employees to assist them in shopping, hence having a list beforehand will turn out to be helpful in such instances

Social distancing

Be mindful to keep at least 1meter distance between other people . Currently there are markings on the floor in almost all the shops to help maintain the government guidelines on social distancing. Also if you see section crowded it is wise to wait until the people clear to go in and grab your needs.

Hand sanitizing

Sanitize your hands before you enter and after you leave the store. Keep your hands as clean as possible and also refrain from touching your face. S0 hand sanitizer is the efficient and most convenient option to clean your hands while at the store.

As several stores have hand sanitizer dispensers at entrance and exits make sure that you use them.

Surface sanitizing

One thing that you will be touching throughout your shopping is the trolley. Make sure to use surface sanitizer wipes to sanitize the handles and trolley before you start rolling it. Also it is important that you dispose of these wipes safely for the safety of the customers behind you.

Minimise touching

Make a clear decision on what you want to buy and touch only those you are going to buy. Do not touch several products as it increases the risk of infection and cross-contamination

Opt for digital payments

Go cashless for at least a while and make payments through digital methods. Digital pay is almost accepted in all shops. Hence you can simply register your bank account and seamlessly make your purchases without having to exchange the notes.

Wash hands and change clothes on arrival

Even with extreme caution there might be shortfalls. Hence when you get back home do not touch anything or anyone. So immediately sanitize your hands and change to a new set of clothes

Clean your grocery and kitchen top

Your grocery may be laden with germs and bacteria. It is wise to wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly with a wash and them wipe down the packets using Smartsan Surface Sanitizer

Smartsan hand Sanitizers

Smartsan Hand sanitizer has the prescribed levels of alcohol and it sanitizes your hands feeling soft and clean. We provide one-time use hand sanitizer sachets, wipes and an easy to carry card spray.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer

Keep infections at bay with Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes from any surface. As its enriched formula and IPA base leaves any surface not only 99.9%* germ-free but with a subtle fresh fragrance. Also it  cleans dirt and stains.

Frequently Asked Question

Can hand sanitizers be used when hands are greasy?

Hand sanitizers do not work on dirty hands. So you will have to use soap and water to remove the greasiness. Hand sanitizers are effective in getting rid of the germs lurking in your hands after touching a contaminated surface

How often to use?

Use as per your exposure. One application lasts for 4 hours. If you are exposed outdoors for longer time, then use as per requirement to be free of germs.

Can surface sanitizer remove stains?

The alcohol content in the surface sanitizers help in removing the stains while application. The Surface sanitizers can be used to both porous and non-porous surfaces to remove stains and germs alike.

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