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Importance of sanitizing smartphones


Importance of sanitizing smartphones

The pandemic has taught us all our lessons on the importance of hygiene. The increasing infections across the globe has made us aware about how infections spreads, what causes them and how to prevent them. Hand hygiene is primary and mandatory to keep us in good health. However the CDC and WHO has also recommended to be mindful of sanitizing the everyday objects we often touch.

One of the most contaminated surfaces are the smartphones.  We carry it around with us from the moment we wake till we go to sleep at night. Studies have shown that a smartphone has 10 times more germs than on a visibly dirty toilet seat. The researches have even found faecal matters in the crevices of the smartphone screen. Has just reading it got you all feeling disgusting? Well there is more to it than just disgust. Even life threatening disease spreading germs thrive on your mobile phones.

The World Economic Forum said the mobile phone screen behaves like a portable petri dish of germs. That is how infested our phones are! So especially in times like these, dangerous viruses like COVID-19 spreading from surfaces through touch. It has become all the more important to keep our phone clean and sanitized at least three times a day.

How to sanitize your phone?

The most recommended way to sanitize your phones is by using Isopropyl alcohol. It can be used on the smartphone screens and they do not affect the oleophobic coating. This coating on the smartphone screens is responsible for oil repelling. The Isopropyl alcohol acts efficiently by wiping out the germs on the screen. Just like the mobile phones, all touch screens need regular sanitizing to avoid infestation of germs. It includes tablets, phablets, monitors, and TV screens. The Centres for Diseases Control strongly recommend the gadget sanitizing as the today’s population are engrossed in it.

Smartsan Smartphone sanitizer

The Smartsan’s smartphone sanitizer has an effective formulation of Isopropyl alcohol as recommended. It swiftly acts by killing 99.9* germs from your smartphones with every use. Smartsan smartphone sanitizers come in the form of wipes and spray. The wipes can be comfortably used across the surface of your device to effectively remove the grime and germs on the screens. Or you can always have with you the Smartsan easy to carry smartphone sanitizer card spray that instantly provides protection anywhere anytime.


So, the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has directed everyone to clean their smartphone screens and all high touch surfaces like tablets, keyboards, etc. to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19. Hence the best way to sanitize your smartphone is to wipe it clearly with an Isopropyl alcohol induced microfiber cloth. And using isopropyl alcohol based smartphone disinfectant spray to wipe it clear with a clean, dry cloth. So, by these ways you can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe against the infections in smartphones.

The Smartsan Sanitizers instantly kill 99.9% germs and it is easy to carry. The leak free packaging makes it more travel-friendly ensuring that you stay protected on the go. The quick absorption formula specifically designed to disinfect smartphones and gadgets helps in removing dirt and bacteria with just one wipe.


The next time you place your smartphone on the cafeteria table, in the conference room desk, remember to sanitize your smartphones before use. Children are using parent’s smartphones extensively once they are back home from work. The parents who have been out for work, shopping and even hospitals may have accumulated a lot of dangerous germs on their phones when they are back home. The times have changed and it is important to be increasingly aware of sanitizing the smartphone which has very much a part of our lives. Be aware. Stay protected!

  • Suresh Kumar
    Posted at 3:27 pm, August 29, 2020

    Smart phone wipes are really awesome. Use and throw sachet are amazing. Thanks

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    Posted at 10:21 am, September 2, 2020

    Good place to buy smartphones sanitizer products.

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    Posted at 11:27 am, September 4, 2020

    I am using this Smartsan smartphones sanitizer while travelling, really awesome

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