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Keeping illness at bay with personal hygiene during monsoons


Keeping illness at bay with personal hygiene during monsoons

Monsoons are a sigh of relief after the scorching summer heat. Though we enjoy the gloomy, cool days with drizzles there are several health issues that monsoons bring along. Kids, especially, fall ill quite often during this time. This is all because of the monsoon that changes the weather around us. Mosquitoes which breed in the stagnated water and the overflowing drainage that become a hotbed of the spread of dangerous diseases.

Hygiene and health issues that monsoons bring

We often overlook the bad effects of the monsoon. We are keener on enjoying the chill weather and the drizzles. The damp and humid condition is considered to be perfect for the growth of bacteria that cause dangerous diseases. The puddles and the object around your house that allows stagnation of rainwater become breeding ground of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes bite apart from being itchy and annoying can also spread illnesses like dengue and malaria. There is an increase in water-borne diseases, and easily spread diseases like flu, colds and coughs.

Ways to prevent infections during monsoon

Concentrate on Personal hygiene

When you are back home after being outdoors make sure to sanitize your hands. The increased infestation of bacteria during the season increases your risk of infection. Hence it is important to sanitize your hands as soon as you are back home. Make sure you apply the sanitizer on your fingertips, under the nails and between fingers.

Keeping your hands clean is the key to avoid most illnesses. Sanitize your hands regularly when you are outdoors. Also ensure that you do not touch your nose, mouth or face with unclean hands. It is also important to teach your children about hand hygiene while they are out.

Ask them to avoid jumping in the puddles, as much as fun as it may seem. Let them carry a hand sanitizer sachet to sanitize their right their games. Also, remember to apply effective mosquito repellents to ward off disease-spreading mosquitoes.

Hygienic homes = Good Health

The dampness could be a major concern during the season. Ensure that your homes are not only cleaned but also sanitized. Kitchen and bathroom must be the high focus areas as they are the hotbeds of germs. Ensure to use surface sanitizers to clean kitchen countertops every day. If you have handles raw eat or vegetables it is important to sanitize right after it. If you brought in shopping bags, ensure that you immediately sanitize the countertops as well as the bags.

The next pain point in the house is the bathroom. Be sure to sanitize the faucets and the other fittings so that there is no cross-contamination within the house. If someone is sick at home, it is best to isolate the person. If possible let them use a separate bathroom to minimize the spread of infections.

Provide them with a surface sanitizer so that they can sanitize the furniture and belongings immediately. This minimizes the spread of infection to another person in the house.

With some extra precautionary measures, you can easily get through the monsoons without falling sick.

Some of the must-have hygiene products:

Hand sanitizer sachet

 Having a stash of easy to carry, easy to tear hand sanitizer sachets ensure long-lasting protection. Smartsan Hand sanitizers have IPA formulation that is efficient in fighting against germs. For comfort, the hand sanitizers are available in gel forms, sprays, wipes, sachets and as foam sprays. The added moisturizer ensures your hands don’t go dry after use

Surface sanitizer wipes

 Surface sanitizers are essential to remove germs from the equipment. Cleaning only removes dirt. To ensure protection it is necessary to use a surface sanitizer. Smartsan surface sanitizers are safe on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It safely removes germs without damaging the surfaces. Smartsan Surface sanitizers come as sprays and wipes for convenient usage

Mosquito repellent

Smartsan offers mosquito repellents are efficient in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Smartsan Mosquito repellent offers DEET-Free formulation. It gives instant protection with natural ingredients for up to 4 hours with every application. It is easy-to-tear and has leak-free packaging. The formulation is fast-absorbing and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash my hands with water after sanitizing?

No, there is no need to wash with water. Your hand is already clean. You will counteract the effect of hand sanitizer by touching the germ-infested tap.

Will surface sanitizer damage the surface?

Smartsan Surface sanitizer is safe on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The wipes can be easily carried and used on all possibly contaminated surfaces you encounter

Is mosquito repellent DEET free?

Smartsan Mosquito repellent is DEET free. The special formulation is enriched with neem and citronella that are effective in keeping mosquitoes away naturally.

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