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Lesser-known germ-infested spots you touch from wake to sleep

SmartSan-Blog-Lesser-known germ-infested spots you touch from wake to sleep

Are you the kind of person who squirms when someone in public places coughs or sneezes? Then you ought to know that you touch several germ-infested spots that are worse than a cough or sneeze in your everyday life.

We have listed out the lesser known but the most common and the most infested spots/things you touch from the moment you wake up until the moment you hit the bed at night

Your mobile phone

The mobile phone where you snooze the alarm the first thing in the morning is said to be 10 times more infested than a toilet seat! According to NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), there are 25,107 bacteria present per square inch in your mobile phones.

Use IPA based SMARTSAN smartphone sanitizers and sanitizer wipes to sanitize your smartphones to remove the grime without any damage to your smartphone screens and stay safe.


Your dishwasher scrub

Next stop after you wake up is at your kitchen. Your dishwasher scrub is the hotspot for germs/virus in your kitchen more than your kitchen countertop. To stay protected, run your scrub through the dishwasher or microwave it for a minute or two to kill the germs.

Public Transport

If you are someone who uses public transport then you are in contact with things much more than what meets the eye. Right from the handle, to the seats you sit in, is all infested with germs/virus. Be sure to carry a pocket sanitizer to sanitize your hands the minute you get off the train. Carry SMARTSAN Hand Sanitizer range to sanitize your hands and kill 99.9%* germs and microbes on the go. Our range of sanitizers come in sachets, spray bottles, foam sprays that suits your needs.

SmartSan-Hand Sanitizer-Cardspray

Your wallet

The cash and coins in your wallet have been exchanged multiple times by multiple people. The notes are infested with microbes. Sanitise your hands after every time you leave the cash counter. Along with this every time you hand over your credit/debit cards for purchase and while you punch the PIN you are susceptible to contracting germs from the POS machines. Be aware of the risks and always ensure to use hand sanitizer immediately after to avoid these germs gaining entry into your body. Be confident indoors or outdoors with SMARTSAN Bio and IPA based Hand Sanitizers and Hand Sanitizing Wipes.

Your office

Do you take the elevator in your office building? The ground floor lift button is the storehouse of bacteria from every person who has entered the building before you. Worse than the elevators are the kitchenettes or the tea room in your company that is infested with germs, especially, in the coffee machine. Be sure to sanitise your hands every time you are off the lift and after having grabbed your coffee.


If you thought the restrooms in the restaurants were dirty then you are in for a shock. The restaurant menu card houses at least 1, 85,000 microbes as per studies! It is like 100 times more bacteria/virus than on a toilet seat! The next hotspot is the chairs, every time you pull out a chair to take a seat, you have invited thousands of microbes just before your meal. If you notice, the waiters only wipe your tables and not your chairs. Grab a tissue, pull out a chair and sit for your food, and hear the specials from the waiter rather than grabbing a menu card.

SmartSan-Toilet seat-Sanitizer-Spray
SmartSan-Toilet seat -Sanitizer Wipe


Do you do quick shopping before going to your home in the evening? Then lookout for these germ-filled spots. The obvious spot for infestation is the trolley handles. The next is the meat counter that is potentially infected with bacteria and virus if the store hasn’t given high priority to hygiene.  But studies have shown that the grocery bags you tag along with houses a lot of microbes including E-coli which is present in the faecal matter of animals and humans. As an alternative avail door delivery of your items after which you can sanitise the packs and grab them for use.

Every time you leave a cash counter and especially if you have paid in cash and exchanged money with the cashier, be sure to sanitise your hands right away.

Your bedding

Washing your bed sheets constantly is basic hygiene, but what about your mattresses? The often overlooked area can be the storehouse of microbes making you fall sick while you are asleep. Be sure to spritz disinfectant spray on your mattresses frequently to get rid of the microbes lingering and the mites that can ruin your peaceful sleep.

With these and more several things around you act as carriers of diseases with the microbes infestations in them. It may not be possible for you to disinfect every surface but it possible for you to carry along a pocket sanitizer to sanitize your hands which are the major carriers of the bacteria and virus into your body.

Instead of being a panic user of these sanitizers after the onset of the pandemic, it is wise to inculcate the habit of using sanitizers early-on. With the range of availability in non-toxic, alcohol-free or IPA based sanitizers and more. Make the smart option to equip yourself with a safety tool against the virus and bacteria that are lurking in every nook and corner. Use SMARTSAN Surface Sanitizers to sanitize all kinds of surfaces and keep not only your bedroom but your home on the whole 99.9%* freem from germs and infections.

SMARTSAN’s personal hygiene products are easily carry and fits into your bags, purses so you can be confident at home and outdoors and be safe from any hidden infections and germs. SMARTSAN personal hygiene products include Hand Sanitizers, Bio-Hand Sanitizers, Smartphone Sanitizers, Surface Sanitizers, Toilet Seat Sanitizers, Mosquito repellents, and Hand Wash.

SMARTSAN’s personal hygiene products come in various forms and factors that can be used in House-holds, Offices, Restaurants, Clubs, almost anywhere. Read through our products section to know more about our products and their benefits. Our range of products include

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a phone without damaging the screen?

Phones are a major carrier of virus and bacteria. Hence it is very important to sanitize your phone. Smartsan offers smartphone sanitizer that is efficient in sanitizing your phone without damaging it

What are the must have personal hygiene items while travelling?

Take along a hand sanitizer sachet if you have no access to water and soap. Use surface sanitizer wipes before touching items exposed to the public. Use a toilet seat sanitizer while you use a public bathroom. With these three hands you can be sure of maximum protection from microbes.

Does Smartsan Sanitizer kill COVID-19 virus?

Smartsan Surface sanitizers has an efficient formula that kills most bacteria, virus and fungi on surfaces. Hence it is safe to you while you are out.

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