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Maintaining hand hygiene out of home

Using hand sanitizers after touching surfaces while out in public, taking bath in hot water and minimizing exposure to infected people are all minor steps to take towards healthy life.

When you step out, from that very minute you are exposed to pollutants, contaminants and microbes. Our busy schedules, the rush and the stress often makes us overlook the dangerous microbes that are lurking all around. Maintaining hand hygiene at every stop when you are outdoors is paramount. It not only protects you, but also your family who might contract diseases from you. Simple carelessness could land in dangerous diseases. Especially during times like this, with the pandemic on the rise you have no excuse to skip your hand hygiene practices.

Some of the most unsuspected things like an elevator button could also act as a breeding groundfor microbes. Other hotbeds of germs are the ATM machines, coffee machines, and handles in public transport, door knobs in your offices and so many more. Unless you are consciously aware it is difficult to get hand hygiene into a habit that will help you live better in umpteen number of ways.

Here are few pointers to care for to ensure you are safe from germs

Hands – the carriers of most contagious illnesses

Studies suggest that each square centimetre of your skin is covered with 1500 bacteria. The reason why hands are the predominant cause to carry illness is because it carries the virus and allows entry when you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. To avoid this all you need to ensure is a sanitized hand that can go a long way in protecting you from frequent infections.

How to prevent spreading

It may come as a surprise to you when you find out how these germs spread. Apart from the openings in the body like eyes, nose and mouth, the germs can also be transferred through other ways. It can transfer through food from an infected person who cooked it. Eating foods especially meat, poultry and fish. It may also even spread when you touch your pets that may carry germs.

Beware of developing antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a dangerous thing to occur. It may occur when you discontinue an anti-biotic course. The left out bacteria will develop resistance towards the medicine when a course is left incomplete. On the other hand using too much of it will also cause antibiotic resistance. This can cause complications when you’re ill. Medicines will not work on you worsening your health condition further.

All of this effectively managed ensures good hand hygiene and personal hygiene. Using hand sanitizers after touching surfaces while out in public, taking bath in hot water and minimizing exposure to infected people are all minor steps to take towards healthy life.

Perfect way to sanitize your hands

– Take a coin-sized amount of hand sanitizer

– Rub your palms well

– Cover the spaces between your fingers

– Rub your thumbs in circular motions

– Rub on the back of your hands

– Focus around your wrists

By doing this you have cleaned your hands completely. As the hand sanitizers work on it for 15-20 second, it dries off by eliminating the contaminants and germs that are lurking in your hands.

Frequently asked questions

Can hand sanitizers be used when hands are greasy?

Hand sanitizers do not work on dirty hands. You will have to use soap and water to remove the greasiness. Hand sanitizers are effective in getting rid of the germs lurking in your hands after touching a contaminated surface

How much hand sanitizer is needed?

Only a coin-size of hand sanitizer is needed. This is enough to cover your hands including fingertips and between your fingers. Too much hand sanitizer is not going to kill more viruses. Hence it is advisable to use sparingly and save up on your bottle.

Do I have to wait for hand sanitizer to work?

Hand sanitizer works instantly. Once your hands are dry the process is done. It only takes 15-20 seconds to have a clean and germ-free hand.

Will frequent use of hand sanitizer dry out my hands?

Smartsan hand sanitizers come with moisturizers that protect your skin. It helps to keep your skin soft and clean.

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