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Non-Alcohol Vs Alcohol Hand Sanitizer


Non-Alcohol Vs Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers have become an important product in our daily lives. Especially after the wake of the pandemic COVID-19 or coronavirus. Hand Sanitizers keep us and our loved ones safe from the harmful infections from germs like the coronavirus. In this hour of need it’s essential that we improve our awareness on Hand Sanitizers. There are two types of Hand Sanitizers available in the market, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic. The most widely used today are Alcohol-based sanitizers.

The availability of Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizers is limited due to cost and advanced production process. It’s nearly impossible to remain without physical contact in today’s social world. Keeping this in mind we need to improvise on our awareness of the usage of Hand Sanitizers. We should also know the types of Hand Sanitizers available now. We need to be ready to educate our loved ones on the importance of which sanitizers are suitable for application depending on the requirement.

Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers

In Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers use Benzalkonium Chloride as the primary ingredient instead of Alcohol. Benzalkonium Chloride is an antiseptic with disinfecting properties and is a quaternary ammonium. It also has antimicrobial properties that can actually work against the germs and microbes by killing up to 97.99 %. This appends enough reason for the application of Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizers are pretty well sane and safe. Now as we are sure that the Non-Alcoholic Sanitizers work against germs. Let us look in detail on how they fair better when compared to their Alcohol based competent.

Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer over Alcohol based

  1. Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs in less than 15 seconds. This particular benefit is not available in the Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers as they are highly volatile and sometimes evaporates even before they can be applied over the sanitizing area.
  2. In addition all Non-Alcohol based Sanitizers come with moisturizing agents. They do not result in dryness of Hands which is the first and foremost disadvantage of Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers.
  3. Non-Alcohol based Sanitizers are non-flammable thereby giving zero chance for a fire hazard. Avoid fire hazards in household, industrial, warehouses, social and public places
  4. There is no question of accidental consumption of alcohol / poisoning in Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers. The toxicity of Benzalkonium Chloride is 3.56 mL / kg compared to the 75% and more in case of the alcohol based Hand Sanitizers. This makes them more safe and usable by children.
  5. The Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers protection stay for an uncompromising duration of maximum 4 hour. Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers last only 1 hour increasing the frequency of usage for Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer.
  6. Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers only kill bad bacteria on the applied surface whereas Alcohol based sanitizers kills both good and bad Bacteria

SMARTSAN Foam Hand Sanitizer

  • SMARTSAN care for the safety of you and your loved ones. Let’s see what kind of care we take in making our SMARTSAN 2.5 ML Sachet and Foam BIO Hand Sanitizer the best for your loved ones.
  • SmartSan BIO, Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Formulated in Malmo, Sweden. It is now Marketed in India by Smart Stream Technologies, Coimbatore.
  • SmartSan BIO has passed the following European Standards, EN 13697, EN 1500 and EN 14476
  • SmartSan BIO uses a blend of Benzalkonium Chloride, Polydimethylsiloxane. It also has proprietary blend of plus charged polymers that defend against gram negative bacteria. This protects the good bacteria in the skin. It leaves essential bacteria and removes only the infection causing bacteria. This is not the case with alcohol-based sanitizers. It eliminates all forms of bacteria (good and bad).
  • Consistent use of alcohol-based sanitizers have also been linked to immunity being built amongst gram negative bacteria is seen to build immunity with continued use of alsohol based sanitizers. This is not a risk when using our proprietary alcohol free formula.
  • It protects the hand for 3-4 hours after usage even in dirty conditions removing close 99.9995% Bacteria & Fungi. It has no odor but removes any odor from the hand.
  • SmartSan BIO, being alcohol free moisturizes the Skin by boosting its natural oils without removing the bad bacteria in its hands. The Formula also makes sure that Gram Negative Bacteria do not get immune to the Sanitizer which is a risk factor with Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers.
  • The Foam also boosts the efficiency of the product giving 3 times more usage than alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • SmartSan BIO is alcohol free, hence it keeps the skin protected for a long period of time. The efficiency time is much higher. Hence users need to use it only once 3 to 4 hours.
  • SmartSan BIO has test reports which state the following :-
    • Kills and Protects Against Bacteria and Virus such as :-
      • COVID-19
      • Swine Flu – H1N1 (Subtype of Influenza A Virus)
      • MRSA ( Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus )
      • Metallo-Beta-Lactamase-1 (NDM-1)
      • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
      • E-Coli
      • K.Pneumonia
      • Fungi
    • Dermatology Report that shows its completely safe for Skin.
    • Contains only 0.75% Chemical, whereas balance 99.25% is Water. Alcohol Based Sanitizers are 60-95% Alcohol.
    • SmartSan BIO is Safe for Children and safe to use in presence of Pets.
    • Prolonged usage improves the texture of the skin.
    • Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drugs Administration Department has granted manufacturing license. Our license number: TN00003264.

SmartSan BIO is the product of present and future, Alcohol based sanitizer are like diesel or petrol vehicle where as SmartSan BIO is the game changing Electric Vehicle

SmartSan-Bio -Hand-Sanitizer
SmartSan-Sachet-Bio-Hand Sanitizer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an effective option for sanitizer in a medical set-up?

In a clinic or hospital, high levels of sanitization are necessary. Hence the best the option for medical set-up is a Smartsan Alcohol based Hand sanitizer

Will alcohol based hand sanitizer affect my skin?

The alcohol based sanitizer is equipped with moisturizer to retain the softness in your skin. Hence it does not cause dryness or harm your skin.

How often should I use hand sanitizers?

The usage frequency depends upon your exposure to germs. If you are travelling then you need to sanitize more often than when you stay put in your office desk.

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