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Personal hygiene tips to improve in children to boost immunity


Personal hygiene tips to improve in children to boost immunity

The immune systems in kids take at least 7 years to mature fully. Until then they are more susceptible to cold, flu and cough. Also especially during the monsoons, kids fall sick more often. But there are few hygiene practices that will help in preventing frequent illnesses.

Kids are energetic and always playful. So instead of restricting their fun, concentrate on protecting them from the harmful germs. Initially teach them about having clean hands, on the importance of avoiding to touch contaminated and visibly dirty looking surfaces. Along with teach them the below:

Restroom hygiene – Teach them the importance of washing hands after using the toilets. Also, instruct them to use tissues to open and close taps. So, once out it is a good idea to use a hand sanitizer. Since you just opened the door of the restroom that may also carry a lot of germs.

After play hygiene – Once they are back from their sand play, immediately sanitize their hands. Do not to wait until they return home for a bath.

Sports room – Immediately sanitize your hands after handling the sports equipment at the academy or school. Children may unknowingly touch their nose, mouth or eyes allowing entry for the germs into the body. Hence it is always important to sanitize your hands before taking a bath after getting back home.

Nail hygiene– Nails attract a lot of dirt and grime if they are not maintained properly. Trimmed nails are the best to ensure that no germs accumulate. This lets them gain easy access into your body through the food you eat.

Dining hygiene– Even if they are grabbing a small snack while outdoors, ensure the hands are clean and germ-free. So even in case of unavailability of water, always make them carry a compact hand sanitizer. The Smartsan Hand sanitizer sachets to get rid of germs effectively

Outdoor safety – While your kids are going outdoors protect with mosquito repellents. Choose safe, DEET free mosquito repellents like the Smartsan mosquito repellents that are enriched with Neem and Citronella. So this keeps your children safe from mosquito-borne illnesses including malaria and many others. Also Smartsan mosquito repellents are also available in compact sachets, sprays and wipes.  

Importance of hygiene cannot be stressed enough! So encourage them to follow the right personal hygiene practices. Always equip them with the right products that enhance their protection.

Our products that help in elevating personal hygiene of kids

Smartsan hand sanitizer

Smartsan Hand sanitizers use IPA based formulation and come in various forms. This includes gel form, sprays, wipes, pouch with 50 1 ml sachets, card sprays and hand rubs and foam. As the bio hand sanitizers are alcohol-free it is extremely safe on children. The 1 ml and 2.5 ml sachets are handy to carry around and in your backpack or purse. So it ensures that you have access to driving away germs anytime and anywhere. The wipes come in 150×150 mm non-woven fabric. It is conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness.

Toilet seat sanitizer

Smartsan Toilet Seat Sanitizers is effective and convenient. Use it to protect your kids from the infections spread from a dirty toilet. Smartsan offers alcohol free toilet seat sanitizers that do not cause irritation and rash on your child’s skin. It comes with packaging of wipes and sprays. It is easy to tear and leak proof packing and ensures you are protected instantly.

Mosquito Repellent

Smartsan offers mosquito repellents are efficient in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Smartsan Mosquito repellent offers DEET-Free formulation and instant protection with natural ingredients for up to 4 hours oneveryapplication. It is easy-to-tear and has leak-free packaging. It is fast absorbing and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

Choose from our range of products and keep your kids protected from the infectious disease. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence protect your kids and develop their immunity!

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