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Sachet hand sanitizers – a fitting alternative to bottles and pumps


Sachet hand sanitizers – a fitting alternative to bottles and pumps

World Health Organisation has recommended hand sanitizers as means of protection against disease causing virus and bacteria. So, it is also considered as one of the best preventive strategies against COVID-19. Alcohol based sanitizers are effective in resisting the coronavirus.

The study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has found that hands are the carrier for 80% of common infection amongst people. Hand hygiene is one of the primary factors contributing to good health. The pandemic has now increased the awareness of hand hygiene. People are now consciously cleansing their hands frequently to ward off infections like COVID-19.

Hand washing isn’t practical in all situations. Especially with government issuing norms of practices in offices and institutions in operation during the pandemic. So hand sanitizers have greatly helped in following hand hygiene in all places diligently, with its convenience of use.

Furthermore, hand sanitizers are now available in various forms like gel based, sprays, wipes and sachets to suit any requirement. Amongst these sachets are the most comfortable due to its easy access and carry along features.

Why use sachet hand sanitizers?

Maximum protection

The sachets are comfortable for one-time use. It is capable of killing 99.9%* germs instantly. With this it keeps you protected. You are safe from several diseases caused by the lurking microbes in your hands.


The Smartsan hand sanitizer sachets are safe to use by people of all age groups. The formulation is adept to clean your hands off microbes. So even kids can use them under adult supervision for efficient results.

Travel friendly

The size of the sachets can easily fit in your pockets, bags and wallets. You can also place them in your child’s school bags to use when required.

Instances to use

Use sachet hand sanitizers before meals. Use after you accidentally cough or sneeze into your hands. After touching elevator buttons, office desks, door knobs. After using public transport, public toilets, ATM/POS. Even before touching a new-born/infants who are more susceptible to infections.

Several industries can benefit from hand Sanitizer sachets due to its effortless usage.

Industries highly benefited by one-time use hand sanitizer sachets.

Travel Industry

The travel industry like the airlines, railway stations and bus stations has a high number of moving passengers. So, it would be difficult for passengers to queue up to a sanitizer dispenser to sanitize their hands before and after they board. Hence it is a great idea to issue hand sanitizers along with their tickets to aid in definite usage and encourage minimizing infection spread while travelling.


Hands sanitizer sachets have maximum usage in the restaurants. It is easy and convenient to diners as well customers who enter the restaurant for takeaways. So, it is an essential need in restaurants to provide customers with hand sachets to ensure hygiene and their safety


Another industry that is highly benefited from one-time use sachets are the hotel industry. The sachets can be added to their complimentary services for guests who check in. So, it is also a great opportunity for branding and put forward an impressive, customer-oriented business approach to cover your guests


Hospitals give high priority to hygiene. Their out-patients entering the clinic can be provided with the one-time use sachet hand sanitizer. The visitors of the in-patients can also be given these sachets. Also by providing individual sachets it greatly reduces chances of cross contamination in an instance when there are no dispensers.


Cafeterias can provide students with sachets of hand sanitizers to ensure safety and hygiene. And every time the students use labs like computer labs, where the keyboards can be hotbeds of germs, the sachets can be if great use to immediately sanitize hands after class


Events, occasions and ceremonies also witness a high number of moving crowds. The event organizers and entertainment industry can also utilize sachet hand sanitizers to maintain hand hygiene and help curbing the spread of infections. An Indian wedding event has an average of 700-800 guests spread through all the events combined. Handing over the sachets of hand sanitizer to guests at the reception area can help in stopping spread of diseases.

Hence hand sanitizer sachets has proven to be an effective solution for implying hand hygiene in industries that include a large number of people gathering in one place. Smartsan Hand Sanitizer sachets are leak proof and easy to tear enabling comfortable use and effective results.

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