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Sanitizing day care centre to control the spread of infection


Sanitizing day care centre to control the spread of infection

Sanitizing has become an important part of the cleaning schedules especially with the pandemic situation. Relaxations have begun to be implemented after strict lockdowns across the world. Daycare centres especially take extra care as children are the most sensitive and most susceptible to infections. Children, especially toddlers, have the habit of putting every single toy, supplies or stationery in their mouths. Hence all items must be cleaned and sanitized every day and sometimes after every use.

Surfaces that needs to be sanitized

The most effective way to ensure complete sanitization is following a strict schedule that does not miss out any nook. Apart from this schedule, make sure to immediately clean surfaces that are visibly soiled with bodily fluids like phlegm, urine, vomit, or stools should be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

The things that need disinfection every day include door handles, light switches, stationery, furniture, floors, walls, phones, stairways, and computers.

It is important to sanitize the diaper changing table after every use. Use an effective surface sanitizer like Smartsan Surface sanitizer which is applicable on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Apart from this, the caregiver also should sanitize their hands before and after the process to ensure complete disinfection. This step saves children from gastrointestinal illnesses caused by rotavirus and norovirus which easily spread. They might cause diarrhoea which results in dehydration that can be fatal to children.

Play area cleaning is mandatory after every use. Smartsan surface sanitizers are gentle on surfaces and tough on germs. Hence it can be readily used on the playpens, toys, and all the shared items in the daycare centre.

After deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen areas, make sure to sanitize the sinks, toilet floors and doorknobs. In the kitchen sanitize faucet, refrigerator handles, counters, trash cans, and bibs.

Common areas like shared play computers, nap mats, waiting areas, the transport must also be given priority for sanitization.

Tips that help in maintaining a germ-free daycare centre

  • Clean up spills and sanitize immediately
  • Clean using a vacuum every day.
  • Sanitize the vacuum cleaner every time before and after use
  • Clean the bathroom twice in the day
  • Use a hands-free trash can in every room.
  • Encourage use of hand sanitizers in healthy frequencies

By adhering to these cleaning and sanitizing schedules dangerous diseases causing microbes like E-coli, Salmonella, Streptococcus pyogenes, Coronavirus, and Influenza virus are killed keeping the children and staff safe in a daycare centre.

Smartsan Bio Hand Sanitizer

Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs in less than 15 seconds. In comparison to Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers which are highly volatile, bio hand sanitizers work equallywell. Also, all non-Alcohol based Sanitizers come with moisturizing agents. They do not result in dryness of hands which is the first and foremost disadvantage of Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers.

Non-Alcohol based Sanitizers are non-flammable thereby giving zero chance for a fire hazard. The toxicity of Benzalkonium Chloride is 3.56 mL/kg compared to 75% and more in case of the alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers. This makes them safer and more usable by children.

The Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers protection stay for an uncompromising duration of a maximum of 4 hours. Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers last only 1 hour increasing the frequency of usage for Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer. Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers only kill bad bacteria on the applied surface whereas Alcohol-based sanitizers kill both good and bad Bacteria

Smartsan Surface Sanitizers

Smartsan surface sanitizers have an enriched formula with IPA base. This leaves any surface 99.9%* germ-free. And it also adds a subtle fresh fragrance. This leaves your kitchen not only clean but also feels fresh! Also, the surface sanitizer cleans and removes stains when used on the surfaces. So, after application, the Smartsan Surface Sanitizer leaves the surface sanitized and free from germs for hours.

The Smartsan Surfaces sanitizers come as wipes and sprays. You can choose the convenient form of packaging as per your requirement. The wipes are 50×150 mm, machine sprayed non-woven fabric folded conveniently. It also has a handy design for easy usage.

Frequently asked questions

How is bio hand sanitizer safe for children?

It is not toxic like the alcohol-based sanitizers and does not cause worry of fire hazards when used by children.

How often should a surface sanitizer be used?

The frequently touched surfaces should be sanitized at least every 4 hours.

How much bio hand sanitizer is required?

Use a coin-sized amount and spread it well in hands for effective cleaning.

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