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Sanitizing your gadgets to prevent it becoming carriers of COVID-19

SmartSan-blog-Sanitizing your gadgets to prevent it becoming carries of COVID-19

Sanitizing your gadgets to prevent it becoming carriers of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the infections were rampant. The government, media and health advisories majorly focussed on the importance of hand hygiene to prevent the spread of the disease and healthy eating habits to improve immunity in case of infections. But the less touched upon topic, or even a slightly overlooked aspect of the COVID-19 is risk of infections from surfaces.

COVID-19 could potentially be transferred through touching a contaminated surface and using the same hands to touch your eyes, nose or mouth. But the most prevalent scenarios are when the objects you use daily become the carriers of the virus. The studies done by medical institutions revealed that the COVID-19 virus can stay viable on surfaces. Also it varied from surface to surface. In air it could sustain up to three hours, in copper up to 4 hours, in cardboard up to 24 hours and up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel.

Gadgets that are most susceptible

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are with you always. It is with you from the moment you wake until the moment you go to sleep. You intentionally and unintentionally place your mobile phones on several surfaces when you are out. This could lead to cross contamination from the surfaces leading to spread of infection to the users

Ear phones/ Bluetooth devices

Earphones are also at high risk of being carriers. You might place them on tables and surfaces that could lead to germs infesting your devices


If you are sharing your office space and office systems then there are high chances of these gadgets carrying disease spreading microbes.

Remote controls

Be careful while handling AC remotes, and other remote controllers in your office. It is used by many and has a high chance of harbouring germs.

What can you do to be safe?

Disinfecting is the best option to get rid of these microbes that lurk in the objects you use every day. Smartsan offers smartphone sanitizers that are safe on gadgets and effective on killing viruses and bacteria. Smartsan smartphone sanitizers come in the form of wipes and spray. The wipes can be comfortably used across the surface of your device. It effectively removes the grime and germs on the screens. Or you can always have with you the Smartsan easy to carry smartphone sanitizer card spray that instantly provides protection anywhere anytime.


Why Choose Smartsan smartphone sanitizer?

Isopropyl alcohol is the best to use for gadget sanitizing. It can be used on the smartphone screens. They do not affect the oleophobic coating. This coating on the smartphone screens is responsible for oil repelling. So, the Isopropyl alcohol acts efficiently by wiping out the germs on the screen. Just like the mobile phones, all touch screens need regular sanitizing to avoid infestation of germs. Smartsan smartphone sanitizer offers easy usage in the form of wipes which can be easily used and discarded while you are on the go. The sprays are effective on the surfaces and evaporates quickly leaving the surfaces clean and germ-free.

How to use Smartsan smartphone sanitizer?

The wipes are directly used on the screens.  For the card sprays you can gently wipe around the buttons, the crevices with a microfiber cloth that removes grime and germs effectively. So, the sanitizers are quite safe on your devices. It is as per standards advised by the smartphone manufacturers. So, the performance of the devices are not affected by its usage.


Pandemic or not, it is quite important to clean your devices periodically to keep yourself safe. So, keep yourself protected from the dangerous diseases that may spread from viruses lurking on such devices. The pandemic has opened the gateway of better hygiene practices amongst us. Also, let us ensure that we stay aware, alert and proactive in breaking the chain!

  • Suresh Kumar
    Posted at 4:21 pm, September 1, 2020

    It’s very good service and price

  • Leena Hahim
    Posted at 2:09 pm, September 2, 2020

    we are using this smartphone sanitizer daily. so we are in safe now

  • Rahul
    Posted at 12:11 pm, September 4, 2020

    I am cleaning my mobile through this smartphone sanitizer wipes.

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