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Sanitizing your smartphones – How to do it right to keep it free of COVID-19?


Sanitizing your smartphones – How to do it right to keep it free of COVID-19?

Along with gargantuan effects the pandemic brought along in people’s life, frequent hand washing and importance of hand hygiene are the primary ones. People have become conscious about washing hands, and not touching their faces. But unknowingly you touch your face at least 50 times a day with your phone. Disinfecting gadgets, especially your phone is as important as keeping yourself clean. But this is not being widely followed and in this article we will tell you exactly why it is necessary to disinfect your smartphones and how to do it right.

Why disinfect your smartphone?

Coronavirus thrives at room temperature. It can stay infectious for days in surfaces made of glass, metal, ceramic and plastic. It could get onto a phone if an infected person coughs nearby or if you cross-contaminate it with your hands after touching exposed spots like door handles, public transport and so on.

There isn’t concrete data yet on how fast an infection can spread from the surfaces of your phone. But technically the chances are extremely high. You carry your smartphone from the moment you wake until the moment you go to sleep. Hence it travels along with you to all the highly-exposed areas. Though they are in your pockets most of the time, placing it in a busy cafeteria table is just enough to attract COVID-19 germs. This in turn transmits it to the user who lifts it up.

So the cause of spread is when you touch your face without washing your hands after handling your phone. It is practically impossible to wash your hands every time you touch. That leaves us to opt for a better option. It is to disinfect the phone to prevent building up of microbes

How to disinfect your phone?

Disinfecting your phone kills disease causing germs including the COVID-19. The best option to disinfect your phone without damaging the screens or its surface is to use isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is considered safe as it does not affect the oleophobic coating that is present of phone screens. Smartsan Smartphone sanitizer offers the safest and most the efficient ways to disinfect your phone.

Use the wipes or spray to disinfect your phone. Be sure to cover all the surfaces including the crevices for maximum protection. Do not use it directly on the connectors, speakers, and other inputs in the smartphone. Use a wipe to gently slide over the surfaces. 

Smartsan smartphone sanitizers has an effective formulation of Isopropyl alcohol as recommended. It swiftly acts by killing 99.9%* germs from your smartphones on every use. Smartsan smartphone sanitizers come in the form of wipes and spray. The wipes can be comfortably used across the surface of your device. It effectively removes the grime and germs on the screens. You can also carry Smartsan smartphone sanitizer card spray which is easy to carry and instantly provides protection anywhere anytime.

Sanitizing your phone is important for your family’s health

Every time you get back home. The first thing you need to do is to sanitize your phone before placing it anywhere. If you have kids at home, then it is all the more important. They wait for the moment the phone is put down to leap at it for games. Sanitizing the phone makes it safe for them to use. And you also do not invite the germs from the outside to your couch or your mattress.

Taking care of your health means you take care of your family’s too. When you have the high-risk segment of the population like elderly people at your home, it is your responsibility to safeguard their health. Though not affected you might be a carrier of the infection that could be fatal to them. When you take care of smaller things, you gain larger benefits like good health in the long run!

Frequently Asked Question

Will sanitizer blur my smartphone screen?

Smartphone sanitizers do not affect the quality of your screen output. It only removes grime and germs from the surface

Will smartphone sanitizer affect the touch sensitivity of the screen?

Isopropyl alcohol does not damage the oleophobic coating that is important for smooth functionality. Hence you can safely use a smartphone sanitizer.

How often can you use it?

Use it after you are back home after going outside. You can also use it the moment you reach your office desk after a break cafeteria. The usage predominantly is based on how much you have exposed your smartphone

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