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Scared of using Dirty Toilet? Ensure you are protected hygienically


Scared of using Dirty Toilet? Ensure you are protected hygienically

Most of us have an unknown fear in using public toilets. We are scared about the infections we face. Especially women and children are prone more to these hygiene catastrophes. But we end up using public toilets in offices, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, trains, etc. on a typical busy day. So we could be prone to sexually transmitted infections / diseases, shigella bacteria, staphylococcus, streptococcus. It can even cause Hepatitis A, Ebola apart from common colds and other allergies. So public toilet facilities are below par to the hygienic basics. These days there are a huge variety of toilet seat sanitizers available. So it can effectively prevent these allergies.

A study done on hospital toilet seats proves that most of the hospital toilet seats were exposed to the antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus. It is a flesh eating bacteria that could cause extensive and irrevocable damage. For the skin in intimate parts it can cause infection depending on the duration of the exposure. Because prevention is always better than cure we better be aware of the various toilet seat sanitizers available. So know more about their usage and finally procure one that comes handy.

Types of Toilet Seat Sanitizers

Typically there are two types of Toilet Seat Sanitizers available in store today. One is a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. So this is commonly available. The other type is Toilet Seat Sanitizer Wipes that came into existence quite recently. It comes quite handy as they are easy to carry and dispose in any public place. So the sprays are useful when it’s being used in households. So one needs a cloth or paper and can wipe the sanitizer sprayed on the seat after a short duration. But the Wipes are typically handy in a scenario one has to use the public toilets.

Typically most of the Toilet Seat Sanitizers available today are alcohol based. But this could result in irritation and rashes in sensitive skin and intimate parts. So SMARTSAN has opted to manufacture non-alcohol based Toilet Seat Sanitizer products with moisturizer. This assures the comfort and wellness of the skin on intimate parts.

For SMARTSAN Toilet Seat Sanitizers the primary ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride. This is a quaternary ammonium with disinfecting and antiseptic properties. So, the best way to adapt is to clean the toilet seats with a proper sanitizer. Then wash one’s hands after usage of the sanitizers, use the toilet. And clean the seat with sanitizer for others to use. Then wash hands thoroughly again. Though you use sanitizers it’s always better to wash hands thoroughly to stay safe.

SMARTSAN Toilet Sanitizers

SMARTSAN cares for you and your loved ones.  So we provide solutions apt for Family Hygiene with care for uncompromising protection. SMARTSAN has two products for sanitizing toilet seats:

Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a spray that:

Kills 99.99% germs
Alcohol Free Formula
Removes dirt and stains
No Rash No irritation
Leak free and travel friendly
Quick in absorption
Moisturizes skin
Is available in 50ml & 100ml bottles

Toilet Seat Sanitizing Wipes:

Kills 99.99% germs
Alcohol free formula
Soft on skin
No rash No irritation
Travel friendly
Moisturizes skin
Superior non-woven fabric
Single wipe per sachet

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a toilet seat sanitizer work?

The toilet seat sanitizer when sprayed kills the microbes and bacteria that are on the seats. This prevents infection that could be transmitted when you use the dirty toilet.

How should it be used?

When you enter a cubicle spray the toilet seat sanitizer and wait for 15-20 seconds. Once it dries off, use the toilet and flush using tissues to contract germs from the faucets.Also use a tissue to open and close the door to the toilet.

Does it control odour?

The toilet seat sanitizer spray is mildly fragrant. This controls the odour to an extent and lets you use the toilet without squirming

Does it affect your skin?

Smartsan toilet seat sanitizers are extremely gentle on your skin and do not cause rashes. They are tough against germs and protective in your skin

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