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We are leading manufacturers of Hand and Surface Sanitizers, Mosquito Repellent, and other health care products.

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The essence of Surface Sanitizers


Are you afraid of the sanity of the surface opening your door knob? Or car door? Or opening your cupboard? Where you cook food for your loved ones? Dry / iron clothes? Cut vegetables and fruits? Where you sit and spend time with your loved ones? And where you and your loved ones sleep and play? Yes any surface is contaminated easily. So the danger of germs and infections are lurking in the most unexpected places that would even consider as harmful to us or our loved ones.

So to overcome the effects of such infections and germs surface sanitizers come in as a blessing and can banish up to 99.9%* germs and infections. Surface sanitizers can be used on all surfaces. And it disinfects the surface from any infections and germs. So disinfection is the all new prevention from infections. And it can be used in household or a restaurant, an office, or a place where people gather including commercial organizations. Because surface sanitizers not only protect the people visiting, they also protect you and your workforce and makes your place a safer place to visit.

What do Surface sanitizers do and how they work?

Usage of surface sanitizers have proven to help prevent or at least minimize the adverse effects of infections and germs. So, there are two ways the surface sanitizers for all surfaces. 1. As Spray and 2. As wet wipes. Because of this, the surface sanitizers kills germs and clears infections when they are administered on surfaces. And this can be used on all surfaces like your dining table, sofa, seats, work desks, play area, kitchen rails, etc. S0, an alcohol based surface sanitizer can be effective on containing present conditions similar to covid-19 infection and spread. But most of the surface sanitizers are hard and corrosive. So, what is the best way to have a sanitised surrounding without damage to the surface and the skin that comes in contact with it?

SMARTSAN Surface Sanitizers

SMARTSAN cares for your personal hygiene and your loved ones hygiene. And as our conviction towards that we have introduced two variants of surface sanitizers – Smartsan surface sanitiser wipes and Smartsan surface sanitizer spray.

So, we ensure that the sanitizers work on hard and smooth surfaces and our experts maintain the formula is effective. And our treasured formula works against the bugs that are working on hindering the good health of you and your family / loved ones. So it helps you with your fight against infections and germs with:

SmartSan-Surface Sanitizer Wipe
SmartSan-Surface Sanitizer Spray

Surface Sanitizer Wipes

Keep infections at bay ‘on-the-go’ with Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes from any surface. So its enriched formula and IPA base leaves any surface not only 99.9%* germ-free but with a subtle fresh fragrance. And it also cleans dirt and stains.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes leaves the surface sanitized and germs free for extended hours. And Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes is convenient to carry and can be accommodated in your pocket, bag or purse for convenience. So with 150×150 mm non-woven fabric conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness and handy design it ensures you are protected instantly and constantly against deadly germs and viruses.

  • Kills 99.9%* germs
  • Effective on all surfaces
  • Removes dirt and stains
  • Easy to tear sachet
  • Travel friendly
  • Superior formulation
  • Superior non-woven fabric
  • Single wipe per sachet

50 ML and 100 ML Surface Sanitizer Spray

Keep germs at bay ‘on-the-go’ on any surface with 50 ML and 100 ML Spray pack of Smartsan Surface Sanitizer. Because, its enriched formula and IPA base leaves any surface not only 99.9%* germ-free with a subtle fresh fragrance, also cleans dirt and stains. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer leaves the surface sanitized and germs free for extended hours. So Smartsan Surface Sanitizer is convenient to carry and can be accommodated in your pocket, bag or purse for convenience. Because it has unique leak proof packing along with world class IPA based formulation. And this ensures protection against deadly germs and viruses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cleaning liquid and surface sanitizer?

Cleaning liquid focuses on dirt and grime while surface sanitizers concentrate on killing germs off the surface.

Can surface sanitizer remove stains?

The alcohol content in the surface sanitizers help in removing the stains while application. The Surface sanitizers can be used to both porous and non-porous surfaces to remove stains and germs alike.

Can surface sanitizers be used directly on greasy surfaces?

The sanitizers do not remove greasy dirt from surfaces. Use soap to cleanse the area and later spray surface sanitizers to complete the process by killing off the germs on visibly lean looking surfaces.

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