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Tips for avoiding mosquito bite – Effective ways of prevention to keep them away!


Tips for avoiding mosquito bite – Effective ways of prevention to keep them away!

Mosquitoes are increasingly annoying with them buzzing near your ears. Apart from it, the mosquito bite can cause fatal diseases which call for active prevention especially in tropical regions where mosquitoes are plenty. But, there are several preventive measures that you take to avoid the itch, bite and the dangerous diseases that follow.

What is the worst time to be a bit?

There are around 3000 species of mosquitoes. They all have different habitats and carry different diseases in them. But, most of them are active at dawn and dusk. 

But the AedesAegypti mosquito responsible for spreading dengue thrives during daylight. Also it loves cities and prefers clean water to breed. Hence there is no specifically safe time to avoid mosquito bite. So, you need to be cautious round the clock if you are in an area with an infestation.

Monsoons bring in the worst infestation

Monsoons mean there is a lot of water stagnation in several places around your house. Even the saucers of the potted plants could act as the perfect breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

After a rainy night ensure that you clear all the standing water around your house. So it is safe to keep containers and mugs overturned to avoid water stagnation in them.

Avoid shady places

Shady places like bushes, corners of the building, under the furniture are all the favourite hideouts of mosquitoes. Avoid getting close to avoid mosquito bite.

Choose your clothes wisely

If you are planning to head out where mosquitos are in plenty, choose to wear light coloured clothes. As mosquitoes like dark shady places, they will be instantly attracted to your black shirt. Choosing light colours will not eliminate the bite. But at least it will minimize the mosquitos surrounding you.

Also wearing loose clothing will help you escape the mosquito bite. Mosquitoes can even easily seep into tight denim which is close to the skin. But it will have a tough time reaching your skin over a pyjama

Mosquito repellent

Last but the least, one of the surest ways to keep yourself protected from mosquito bites even in highly infested places are mosquito repellents. Choose a DEET free repellent with active formulation for the best protection.

Smartsan Mosquito repellents come as sprays and wipes that are effective in keeping away mosquitoes for about 4 hours in one use. The formulation is DEET free, making it safe to use on all. The active formulation is powered by neem and citronella, the two best ingredients that drive away mosquitoes almost instantly. The Smartsan Mosquito repellent comes in convenient packaging to enable easy storage in your punches, wallets or bags. Use the wipes or spray on the exposed areas of the body. You instantly start revolting to mosquitos and you are sure of no bites, itches or deadly diseases.

Choosing the DEET free Smartsan Mosquito Repellent

Studies show DEET is risky for long time use and hence it isn’t safe for you and your family. The prolonged usage has resulted in nerve damage in individuals. Smartsan offers mosquito repellent wipes and sprays devoid of DEET that are efficient in keeping mosquitos at bay. It is easy-to-tear and leak-free and is soft on hands. The fast-absorbing and the lost lasting formula protects you from mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors. The unique formulation with Neem & Citronella essential oil that gives your hands 99.9%* protection from Mosquitoes for up to 4 hours.

Mosquitos have an aversion towards neem and citronella. This protects you from the mosquito bite. The formulation is safe for children. Apply on the exposed area before they head out to keep them protected. The mosquito repellent by Smartsan Mosquito not only protects you from mosquitoes but will also leave your skin soft and smooth. Smartsan provides mosquito repellent in three forms – sachet, wipes and spray. Sachets are easy to carry and easy to tear to provide you with quick long-lasting protection. The wipes are 50×150 mm non-woven fabric conveniently folded and machine sprayed for even wetness and handy design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mosquito repellent work?

The active ingredients like neem and citronella in the Smartsan mosquito repellents act in chasing away mosquitos with their fragrance. The mosquito feels an aversion towards these scents and does not fly near you and thus saving you from the bite.

Will the ingredients in the repellent affect my skin?

There are no harsh chemicals used in the formulation. The Smartsan Mosquito repellent is made to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

How often should I apply?

One application will last to about 4 hours. If you are engaged in outdoor activities for a long duration, then reapplication, as needed, will ensure that you stay protected throughout the time that you spend outdoors.

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