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Ways to ‘Break the Chain’

Ways to 'Break the Chain'-smartsan-blog.

Man has been exposed to dangerous viral outbreaks from the time unknown. As the advent of science and technology has become manifold over the years, the ways to prevent, tackle and eliminate diseases have improved so well. A systematic approach along with science is all that is needed to ‘break the chain’ of infection. Usually, infections spread from infected people to healthy people or from a contaminated object to a healthy person. Even within a healthcare system, several germs lurk on the surfaces when there is a setback in hygiene.

When you step into a hospital instantly you are exposed to several kinds of microbes that are present in every sick person and all the objects around you that may potentially have been contaminated. The process by which a bacteria or virus spreads infection is a chain reaction. Hence the wisest thing to do is to break this chain to prevent spreading of the diseases and to look for ways to contain the disease in the infected person and treat it efficiently.

Few strategies that can help to ‘Break the Chain’

1. The first step towards breaking the chain is to keep your hands clean and sanitized. Not just hand washing but doing it effectively is the key. WHO recommends hand sanitizers as the best protection from viruses at all times. Every household and institution need to follow the guidelines effectively. In institutions, proper training must be initiated with regular updates on the schedule and reminders.

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends reaching across your hands under the nails, between the fingers and tips for an effective result in case of hand sanitizers.

3. Choose the most effective product. According to the CDC, at least 60% of alcohol content is necessary for eliminating disease-causing virus and bacteria.

4. Use a datasheet to analyze the results. By continuously following the strict schedules of hand hygiene, absenteeism is visibly reduced. Also, during an outbreak, it is best to avoid daily huddles, meetings and celebratory events. A monthly reporting and announcing the best performance in hand hygiene as ambassadors or champions will increase the chance of maintaining proper hygiene.

5. Equip the housekeeping team with surface sanitizers in case of companies. Make a routine to sanitize the highly touched surfaces. In case of homes, keep the entrances, kitchen and bathrooms sanitized for safer homes.

Smartsan Hand Sanitizers

Smartsan Hand sanitizers are specially formulated with IPA that is efficient against germs and kills 99.9%* of virus and bacteria. Our sanitizers come in handy packaging to easy use as per requirements. Smartsan hand sanitizers come as gels, wipes, sachets, spray, and hand rubs to use as the situation demands. The pocket-friendly sachets are a hand hygiene revolution as it is easy to carry and use when necessary. There are no extra fittings to carry around as these sachets fit comfortably in your wallets.

The Smartsan Hand Sanitizers are tough on germs and extremely soft on your hands. You need not worry about dry hands anymore. The Smartsan hand sanitizers have moisturizers that prevent dryness. It safeguards your skin. The best-suited sanitizer for using on children are bio hand sanitizers as they are alcohol-free.

How to use Smartsan Hand Sanitizer

Smartsan hand sanitizers kill viruses efficiently. But effective usage is the key to keep your hands clean, soft, and germ-free. Take a coin-sized quantity of the hand sanitizer. It must completely cover the hands front and back including between fingers and fingertips. Rub effectively until the sanitizer evaporates completely. Make sure to use hand sanitizers after touching surfaces in public. This includes public transport, restrooms, office desks, elevator buttons, cafeterias etc.,

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash my hands with water after sanitizing?

No, there is no need to wash with water. Your hand is already clean. You will counteract the effect of hand sanitizer by touching the germ-infested tap.

Should I use a towel to pat my hands dry?

Hand sanitizer quickly dries off in a matter of seconds. There is no need to pat it with a towel.

Can I use double the quantity to kill more germs?

A higher quantity of sanitizer does not mean the higher killing of germs. Use only the required amount of hand sanitizer.

How often should I use it?

Usage depends upon the exposure. If you are travelling, then use it very frequently. If you are in the office, then use accordingly when you move out of your desk and touch things around your office

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