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Why are hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers essential in your workplace?


Why are hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers essential in your workplace?

Have you kept count of how many doors you have opened, how many files you have handled and how many shakes you have made in a normal working day like today at your office. All these actions, every time you do has exposed you to unseen virus and bacteria that can spread life threatening diseases. Almost 90% of employees keep coming to office though they are sick to avoid lagging behind in their work or to prevent a pay cut. This makes you more vulnerable to microbes that may lurk in surfaces you touch and as well as the hands you shake.

Why do you need Hand sanitizers/surface sanitizers?

Hand hygiene is crucial considering 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands. To think of it, the working force spends the most time of the week from Monday to Friday in their workplace than at their homes. Hence it is essential to guard yourself from infections while mingling with a mixed crowd who you have no idea of what/where they touched last.

This is where hand sanitizers play a crucial role in dispelling microbes before they can gain entry into your body. An average employee desk is 400 times more infested with germs than on a toilet seat. The other major spots are lift buttons, telephone receivers and door handles, don’t forget your office seat. Once disease spreads, it will be a challenging scenario for the entire company and staff. As our hand sanitizers are easy to handle and can carried along, the hand hygiene of your employees can be greatly elevated.

How do the Hand Sanitizers work?

Hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol or more are capable of killing harmful virus and bacteria in your hands. Smartsan Hand Sanitizer is in gel form and it leaves your hands feeling soft and clean. We also provide a range of hand sanitizer options to suit your needs of easy portability and easy to carry along with you, wherever you go. We provide one time use hand sanitizer sachets, wipes and an easy to carry card spray.

Smartsan hand sanitizer rubs can be placed in the important spots in the office. This includes meeting room, restrooms and near the entrances to rule out microbes and germs up to 99.9%*. Hand sanitizers are especially capable of reducing the spread of rotavirus, adenovirus, and rhinovirus.

Why is it a good idea for a company to invest in hand sanitizers?

Preventing spread of diseases

Diseases like flu and cold are common and extremely contagious. It easily spreads through unseen air droplets that settles on surfaces and through direct contacts. Hand Sanitizers can arrest the spread of infections before they gain entry into human body. Surface sanitizers can dispel them off the surfaces even before contact.

A safe working environment

The workplace hygiene is paramount especially if you are working in food and healthcare industries. Frequent usage of hand sanitizers are recommended to avoid cross-contamination. 

Developing a good hygiene practice amongst employees

Hand Hygiene is crucial for the overall health of a person. By inculcating the practice of hand hygiene amongst your employees will improve their well-being and helps them to take the practice even outside workplace. Placing bottles of hand sanitizer rubs in prominent places in office will remind them of using the sanitizers.

Helps in increasing productivity

Hand Hygiene prevents spreading of infection amongst your employees, thereby preventing absenteeism. When the overall risk of diseases are diminished, you will have healthy workforce. When they are hale and healthy it reflects in maximum productivity and averts absenteeism. Surface sanitisation helps in arresting spread of infection right in origin.

Show your employees that you care

Improves the morale between the company and your employees by showing out your care for their well-being. A small action from your end, can go a long way in your relationship with the employees. Also claims a better impression among your employees, visitors and clients by equipping your work environment with safer practises.

Best spots to place your hand sanitizers

BMC Infectious Diseases conducted a study on the effectiveness of using alcohol-based sanitizers. It was found that employees who used alcohol-based hand sanitizer at least five times a day were two-thirds less likely to get sick when compared to those who just washed their hands

To ensure that your investment in hand sanitizers is serving it purpose make sure that you place them in the right spots to encourage maximum usage by your employees

Restrooms: Studies show that though over a third skip washing hands with soap and water before leaving restrooms if they are in a rush. Hence it is important to place hand sanitizers near the sink at the exit to contain the microbes within the restroom

Office entrances and exits: A single door knob could cause endless list of diseases. It is important to keep a hand sanitizer at the entrance and exits. Also the security at the gate can ensure everyone walking through the door use it for sure. The door knobs can also be periodically cleaned using surface sanitizers for effectiveness

Break room: The coffee machine in the break room is a hotspot for virus and bacteria. Ensure to use hand sanitizers every time you leave the room

Conference room: Clients from outside visit the conference room mostly. Hence it is important that you sanitize your hands while exit to safeguard yourself from infections your visitor might have carried.

Desks: It is a good idea to place a handy sanitizer spray at your desk. The keyboard, mouse and the desk surface are also infested with microbes. It is important to keep your hands clean.

How can Smartsan help in making your workplace safe?

Smartsan can help in maintaining a hygienic workplace environment by providing the right kind of personal hygiene products that will suit your organization’s requirements. We offer personal hygiene products that help is resolving specific needs in the form of a spray, wipes, sachets and rubs.

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