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Why do you need to keep a mosquito repellent handy?


Why do you need to keep a mosquito repellent handy?

Prevention is better than cure is a popular saying that most of us can relate to. This is true especially in the health aspect. The prevention of diseases is always better than the cure. Mosquitoes are annoying but did you know over a million around the world die due to the diseases spread by mosquitoes?

There are several safety measures you can follow while you are at home to prevent mosquitoes entering. But there is less or nothing that you can do about mosquito infestations outdoors. That is when mosquito repellents become handy.

What are mosquito bites?

Only female mosquitoes bite. Warm temperature, body odour, light and sweat attract them the most. When these mosquitoes bite you, its saliva enters your bloodstream. The saliva of the mosquito is capable of triggering an allergic reaction which causes the red itchy bump.

But, the saliva that enters does more than that. The saliva can introduce virus and microbes into your bloodstream that causes Malaria, Chikungunya, Filariasis also known as elephant foot, Japanese encephalitis and more

How does mosquito repellent work?

A mosquito repellent works by inducing a repelling smell that drives away mosquitoes. Some mosquito repellents in the market use substances like DEET that studies show are harmful for humans. There are natural and safe mosquito repellent options like Smart San Mosquito repellent that naturally drives away mosquitoes and keeps you safe.

Smart San mosquito repellent

Smart San offers a unique formulation of mosquito repellents made of Neem and Citronella essential oil that gives your hands 99.9%* protection from Mosquitoes for up to 4 hours. It is free of DEET that has proved to be harmful and offers instant protection. The mosquito repellent comes in various forms like sachet, wipes and spray. This makes it easy to carry along and easy to use as per requirement.

SmartSan-Sachet Mosquito-repellent
SmartSan-Mosquito-repellent- Wipes

The Smart San mosquito repellent 2.5 ML sachet is pocket sized and an instant solution to ward off mosquitoes. The wipes are 150×150 mm non-woven fabric conveniently folded and machine sprayed. This allows even wetness making it easy to apply on skin.

The 50ml and 100ml spray can easily fit in your bag. This makes it easy to carry and provides a long lasting protection against mosquitoes. The mosquito repellents do not contain any harsh elements for your skin. Instead natural formulation leaves your skin soft and clean.

Who can use mosquito repellents?

Smart San mosquito repellents can be used by all age groups, adults and children alike. As it is made with neem and citronella, the formulation is perfectly safe to be used on skin and is not toxic to children. As a matter of fact children need them most as they go out to play in the parks and stay outdoors for a longer time, exposing them to mosquitoes quite easily. They are also more susceptible to diseases as their immune systems are still developing.

You can spray the repellents on to the exposed areas such as the arms and legs before they head out to keep them safe from mosquito bites. Sometimes mosquito bites can cause severe allergic reactions on skin in children leaving the spot itchy, red and wounded.

Most mosquito infested places

Mosquitoes are found near water bodies and in thick vegetation. The mosquitoes breed in water. Hence the infestation is high near ponds or stagnated water.

There are two common types of mosquitoes. The permanent water mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of still water. Especially at the edges of a lake, ponds and also in the vegetation in swamps and marshes. Species in this particular type of mosquitoes either prefer fresh water or stagnant polluted water.

Another type is the floodwater mosquito that lays egg in the moist soil. They lay as many one million eggs per acre that will dry out and hatch when rainwater stagnates, drainage water flows through or sometimes also in farm lands.

Keep it handy!

Hence it is absolutely important to keep mosquito repellent handy, especially during monsoons when they breed the most. Dab the repellent on exposed areas and step out confidently without the fear of mosquito bites!

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