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Why is it important to have a personal hygiene routine

smartsan-blog-Why is it important to have a personal hygiene routine

Why is it important to have a personal hygiene routine

Personal hygiene is the first step towards good health. It is important not only for your well-being, but also for others around you. Personal hygiene includes maintaining your hands, body and oral hygiene. It plays a significant role in preventing illness caused by germs, viruses and bacteria that enters your body due to bad hygiene habits including unclean hands. Moreover your personal choices and hygiene puts your loved ones at risk too.

Setting a good personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene is ensured when you set-up a routine. Simple measures keep you healthy for a long way to go. Here is a routine that you can follow to be sure of keeping your personal hygiene at top notch and drive those pesky germs away!

Frequent hand washing

Hand washing is the basic personal hygiene practice that needs to be frequently done to kill harmful germs and bacteria. Your hands touch several surfaces in a day. You also shake hands with people, eat meals, work in office systems and come in contact with many more different surfaces that are harbouring germs.

Hence hand washing is one of the most efficient ways to keep your hands clean of all virus and bacteria. Flu and gastrointestinal diseases are contracted and passed through poor hygiene practices. For a spot on hand washing practices you can use Smartsan hand washes and in case you are outdoors with no access to soap and water Smartsan Hand sanitizers come to your rescue with its effective formulation that kills 99.9%* of germs. It is necessary to wash your hands before you eat, after sneezing or coughing after using toilet, before picking up a baby and after playing with your pets

Oral Care

Oral hygiene is important to follow to keep gum diseases decay, bad breath and several other infections at bay. Maintain Oral hygiene through brushing at least twice a day. Flossing is also very important to keep your teeth and gum healthy.


Bathing is important to get rid of body heat, odour, sweat, dirt and germs in your body. It is good to take a shower in warm water as it effectively kills germs. If the weather is hot and you have sweated a lot then it is necessary that shower at least twice a day.


Clothes are also carriers of germs. They cling on to your clothes while you’re out and have a very high chance of infecting you. So wash your clothes after every wear and start feeling more fresh and safe. If you come to contact with a sick person there are high chances that there might be viruses that may remain in your dress for a longer time.

Using public bathrooms

While using public bathrooms ensure that seats are clean. Though they may be visibly clean, there might be germs infecting the toilet seat. You can use a Smartsan toilet seat sanitizer to give you utmost protection against the bacteria.

Well-maintained nails

It is a good habit and sign of excellent hygiene if you keep your nail clipped and clean. The area under nails are contaminated with germs when you touch surfaces. It is difficult to clean under nails if you have a long one. But be sure to keep your nails clean and tidy

Smartsan offers a wide range of personal hygiene products that help in protecting your health. We have revolutionised hand sanitizing by coming up with hand sanitizer sachets that are of great use. Our personal Hygiene care products like Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Surface Disinfectants, Smartphone Disinfectants, Toilet Seat Disinfectants, and Mosquito Repellents etc. Moreover they come in various packaging including Sachet, Wipes, Spray, Foam and Gel bottles, and adapts to multiple use cases and requirements of daily personal Hygiene

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