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Why use Smartsan Hand Sanitizer sachet?

smartsan-blog-Why use Smartsan Hand Sanitizer sachet

Hand sanitizers were not a thing in India until recently when the pandemic struck in early 2020. All of a sudden everyone have become so conscious about hand hygiene and stocked up on hand sanitizers. The older generation of our country too joined in the all new hygiene revolution as they were the most susceptible to infections.

Thus hand sanitizers have found their place in the essential items of a household and for an individual. With the increase of awareness and usage, the newest revolution in the market are the hand sanitizer sachets. The Smartsan Hand Sanitizer sachets come in variants of 1 ml and 2.5 ml sachets which are extremely comfortable to use while you are on the go.

Smartsan hand Sanitizer sachets also come in a pouch with 50 numbers 1 ml sachets for one-time use. The easy to tear packaging ensures it mess-free and fuss-fee for the first time. The Smartsan Hand Sanitizers are powered with the IPA formulation that is efficient against germs by killing 99.9%* in one use.

The sachets are leak free and the formula is extremely gentle on hands though hyper tough on germs. The added moisturizers ensure that your hands do not dry out after use.

Why choose a Smartsan Hand Sanitizer sachet?

An all-round protection

The smart hand sanitizer sachets provide a wide spectrum of protection from several germs and viruses in your hands that could cause dangerous illness. The moisturizer in the Smartsan Hand sanitizer sachets offer protection to your skin while killing the germs. It removes dirt from your hands and keeps hands feeling soft and clean.

Quick action

Smartsan hand sanitizer sachet is quick to act on the skin. It does not leave any residue on hands and works in 20 seconds after application. This ensures there is no waiting and only instant action.

Dries quickly

Smartsan Hand Sanitizer quickly evaporates as you rub them on your hands. This removes all the dangerous virus and bacteria in one go. In a matter of seconds and by the time you have rubbed on your fingertips and between the fingers, your hands will be completely dry and you will be ready to go!

Easy to Carry

Smartsan Hand Sanitizer comfortably fits in your wallet. The compact packaging with just the right amount you need for one-time use ensures it is easy to carry along with you wherever you go. The pouches with 50 sachets are also re-sealable with zip lock, hence very comfortable to carry around.

No need for water

There is no need to wash your hands after with water, as the Smartsan Hand Sanitizer sachets do not leave a residue and completely cleans your hands. In case of visibly dirty and greasy hands, only soap and water can remove the grime. But if you are on road travelling or in office desks for several hours, the Smartsan Hand sanitizers can be comfortably used with no need of water to keep your hands clean and germ-free.

Thus Smartsan Hand sanitizer sachets play an important role in easy ways to maintain your personal hygiene. The compact and travel-friendly sachets ensure that you do not have to compromise on your hand hygiene wherever you are. If you are into food and hospitality then complimenting your guests with hand sanitizer sachets will be much impressive and also promotes good hygiene practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are alcohol-based hand sanitizers effective?

Alcohol based hand sanitizers kills up to 99.9%* germs on the surface of your hands 

Are hand sanitizers flammable?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are flammable. Keep it away from fire and hot objects

Can children use hand sanitizers?

It is safe for children to use hand sanitizers. If the children are very young adult supervision is required.

How much alcohol content is allowed?

FDA has approved 60-95% alcohol in hand sanitizers

  • Suresh Kumar
    Posted at 4:12 pm, September 1, 2020

    I just impressed by their product quality and quantity. Thank you.

  • Leena Hahim
    Posted at 2:04 pm, September 2, 2020

    Great Product. Child friendly & useful for travelling

  • Rahul
    Posted at 12:01 pm, September 4, 2020

    I used all products from smartsan. All are good. Thanks

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