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Women Hygiene – Let’s do it right!


Is the world taking personal hygiene way too lightly? The whole world should start leaning towards hygiene more diligently. Cleanliness should be of the utmost importance for everyone. In a time like this, nothing can be of greater priority than cleanliness and personal hygiene. The whole world is battling against coronavirus also known as COVID-19, and everyone is seen sporting a mask, with a hand sanitizer always with them, aiming at hand hygiene now. Sanitation is the need for the hour in all the aspects. This is a good collective move of the world population towards the path of personal hygiene. This pandemic has provided an opportunity to address Women Hygiene.

W for Women’s Hygiene

A women’s hygiene has to be addressed with utmost importance. It is also talked widely about in the world. Why is it so? Is it because she menstruates? Is it because she can give birth to a child? Is it because she can breastfeed. Yes… of course. She has to maintain her hygiene with all perseverance for her body is capable of so many things. Being clean and hygienic plays an important part in her bodily functions. Her menstrual cycles wouldn’t create problems if she a women maintains personal hygiene. Her confidence levels will uplift if she doesn’t have any health issues. If the health and cleanliness is sorted, then her life will be smooth. This is the main reason for so many women hygienic products in the market and also the reason behind why women prefer to go the organic way when it comes to women’s hygienic products. Women’s hygiene is a delicate matter and it has to be dealt wisely. 

Know your body

A woman’s body can self-clean itself. The system is such. But it is still important to take good care of our body on the whole. Girls and women shouldn’t get lost in their professional and personal life and stop caring for their bodies. They shouldn’t overlook the importance and attention their body deserves. A busy lifestyle shouldn’t neglect feminine hygiene because it can lead to so many complications and health issues. Not only for women, but all human beings, in general, should be extra careful when it comes to taking care of their bodies. A body is like a temple. We have to give it the respect it deserves and not abuse it or neglect it. Start with drinking a lot of water. Water is a natural cleanser for your body. It flushes out all the toxicity in your system and your hygiene is taken care of automatically. We at SMARTSAN have carefully designed and formulated our Personal hygiene products to suit women’s needs.

Female Hygiene

Girls should be taught about female hygiene from a very young age. From or before the time of puberty, the right way to keep their vaginal areas clean and hygienic should be taught to girls.. The importance of washing the vaginal area, the importance of not over-washing, how crucial it is to keep changing your pads… these all must be taught to a girl child at a very young age for all these practices to become a habit. These are all key aspects of personal hygiene. They should know how important their body is. They should also be informed about what health issues can occur in their body due to even a slight negligence. Inform them about the situations in which they have to seek a parent’s help or a doctor’s help and when to try home remedies. They should have the necessary knowledge about experience vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, unnatural odour, fatal diseases, and infections, etc. Reaching out to a doctor at a very early stage, would not let cervical or ovarian cancer to set in. 

Unclean Toilet Seats

Doctor’s opinion is that most of the vaginal infections across the world are due to unclean toilet seats. The toilets in trains, theatres, malls, multiplexes, public toilets and in some cases toilets in their own houses, which aren’t cleaned properly are the major cause behind Urinary Tract infections. These unclean toilets are not a safe place to use. But holding back without urinating is also isn’t a safe option. So the women have no other choice and end up using the public restrooms.

SmartSan-Toilet seat-Sanitizer-Spray
SmartSan-Toilet seat -Sanitizer Wipe

Women can follow a few steps to ensure they are safe in such situations. If they are using a public toilet, they will have to make sure that they do take a bath after reaching their place of residence. Wash thoroughly with warm water or a mild cleanser to be on the safer side. In a row of public toilets, find and use the cleanest toilet possible. When you are flushing the toilet, make sure you use the tissue or the toilet paper and press the flush handle. Hand washing and drying your hands thoroughly is a must. Don’t keep your personal belongings on the floor. Always carry a hand sanitizer with you and use it after using a public toilet. SMARTSAN toilet seat sanitizers and toilet seat sanitizing wipes come in handy for such dreaded occasions.

A few extra tips for you

Women should use water or mild cleansing agents to wash their vaginal areas. Be sure to wipe it off thoroughly and not to be rough and hard while doing so. They should always wear comfortable clothing. Tight jeans and leggings can also be the cause for infections as the skin don’t have space to breathe freely as it is constricted. They can get small portable disinfectant sprays that can fit in their bag so that they can spray it on the public toilet seats if they have to use one. The menstrual cycle is the most important time where the woman has to take extra care of her body. Changing the pad or tampon regularly, washing with warm water, and refraining from using scented hygiene products will go a long way in helping them out during their menstrual cycle.  Following the basic women, hygienic practices are important for a woman to be safe from infections. Taking care of her body in the way it has to be, will give her a safe and sound life. Let’s stand together and follow women’s hygiene in the right way it has to be followed. SMARTSAN Hand sanitizers and Bio Hand sanitizers have been formulated keeping the safety and care women and girls are in need of. SMARTSAN wipes are all made of Superior non-woven fabric that does not affect or irritate the tender skin in the private parts of women. SMARTSAN sanitizers including the Hand and toilet seat sanitizers are based of IPA formula that does not torment a woman’s skin.

SmartSan-Bio-hand Sanitizer Sachet

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the toilet seat sanitizer irritate the skin?

The Smartsan Toilet seat sanitizers are formulated to be tough on germs and gentle on your skin. The formulation is safe on your skin and does not cause any irritation or rashes.

Do we have to wipe after spraying the toilet seat sanitizer?

No. The Smartsan toilet seat sanitizer dries off quickly after application. It removes the germs as it dries and hence it will not be necessary to wipe the toilet seat.

Can toilet seat sanitizer be used on taps in the bathroom?

Yes. You can disinfect the bathroom n faucets and door handles using the toilet seat sanitizer to be sure there is no contamination

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